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Fisher Price Dora's Busy Carnival Activity Ride-On

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What a fun toy for 9 months & up!


My daughter started playing with this toy when she was 10 months old and it has been an instant hit!  My daughter loves to climb on the seat and walk behind it pushing it.  My 6 year old would sit in the seat and have her baby sister push her - it was quite the comical seat - but they both would be laughing!  It is a lot of fun with the different things to push and the noises it makes.  Also the seat opens up so they can put toys in it.  This little toy is so worth the money as it has been played with more than most toys we have purchase.  I think it is made well and holds up to a little abuse from the rough kids.  I think it also has put a lot of confidence in my daughter to be able to walk behind it and also encourages her exploring and climbing abilities.  We brought this toy on vacation with us and it was easy to tote along and also provided many moments of entertaining.  So often it is hard to know what to buy - this one is worth buying!

Sioux Falls, SD


A great interactive toy for you busy little one!


I bought the Dora's Busy Carnival Activity Ride-On for my daughter when she was 18 months old; she is almost three and still occasionally plays with this toy.... that's gotta say somehitng, right?? She loves it. She was able to climb on and off of it her self from the beginning since it is so sturdy and low to the ground and the music is great too (my mom loves to dance to it!). It's not annoying like some toys. She also enjoys watching the carnival rides move on the front and it has many other activities for baby to do - pop, slide, turn, spin so it is good for their dexterity. I am not worried about it breaking anytime soon. It seems to be durable. The seat also opens for storage. It is a nice size compartment. She usually puts a couple of her stuffed animals in it so that they can go for a ride too. Another plus, it was ready to ride straight out of the box!!  All you have to do is pop the handle on the back. It even came with batteries in it. I highly recommend this ride on toy.

Marina, CA


Fisher Price Dora's Busy Carnival Activity Ride-On

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