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First Alert
First Alert Basic Smoke Alarm #SA303CN

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A must have!


Let me begin by saying; I received this product for free, in return for my honest feedback. All opinions are 100% my own. When these First Alert carbon monoxide alarms came I was so glad. As a mother of 2 & a full-time caretaker of my ailing mother, I've had many sleepless nights, until now. The night I set the alarms throughout my home, I slept like a baby. I received a 3pk which was awesome because I was able to set one up on each floor of my home, for ultimate safety & piece of mind. Each detector comes with their own 9V battery, an instruction manual & a wall mount. The instructions were very simple and easy to understand. I had no problem setting mine up, & didn't even need the hubby's help! Each has a test button on the front. The alarm is very loud, so I know I'll hear it no matter where i am in the house, in the event that it ever does sound-off. First Alert used top of the line, accurate technology to ensure a prompt & correct response. My favorite part about the alarms is when the batteries get low, the detectors will send out a "reminder beep", so you never have to worry about forgetting to change the batteries. They are really great if you live in an area that experiences a lot of outages, like myself.


Philadelphia, PA


First Alert Smoke and Fire Alarm Review


I purchased a First Alert smoke and fire alarm and first of all was very happy with the price. It also has an escape light and a mute button in addition to a 10-year warranty. I feel safe knowing this is working and I change the batteries twice a year. I recommend this for everyone.




First Alert Basic Smoke Alarm Has Nice Features & Decent Price


First Alert tends to be a trusted name in smoke alarms, so when our older one stopped working, I was quick to consider this brand. There were quite a few different types of smoke alarms from which to choose. This one is just a basic alarm, which is all I felt like I needed. This smoke alarm was fairly easy to install. It is a little smaller than the last First Alert smoke alarm we had, which meant that we had to take off the old mounting hardware and install a new one, which was a bit of a negative for me. It would be much easier to simply take off an older one and place a new one on the same holding case. It is still better for us than the kind that you have to wire though. The alarm works when we test it, and the volume is nice and loud, which can be helpful in the case of a fire. After muting the alarm, the light tends to flash every few seconds for quite a while, which is a bit irritating because it can make you think that the battery needs to be replaced even though a new one is in the alarm (it somes with a 9V and we replaced that one because we thought the first one had a problem). Eventually, the light stopped flashing, but it would be nice not to have the flashing light feature after muting the alarm, especially when you are simply testing it out to see if everything works. The pacage recommends either a Duracell MN1604 or Energizer 522 9V battery for replacement. This smoke alarm has a 10-year limited warranty, which is nice. It also offers an optional anti-theft lock so that the battery cannot be easly removed unless you have the necessary tools. I suppose that could be helpful if you have someone in the house who likes to take batteries out of one device and use them in another, but we haven't really used that feature. The packaging does mention that the alarm contains up to 1.0 microcuries of Americium 241, which is a radioactive material. I don't know if all smoke alarms contain this material or not, but the casing seems secure, and we have it mounted on the ceiling, which is well out of reach of the children. **My Viewpoint:** I hope we never have a fire in the house, but I do want to ensure that I have a working smoke alarm that has an alarm that is loud enough to warn us if that happens. This smoke alarm was reasonably easy to install and runs on a 9V battery, but the light flashes for quite a while after installing a battery and we had to put up the new mounting hardware because our older one by First Alert was slightly larger. I give this smoke alarm 3 stars for offering the extra feature of the theft-prevention lock, having a reasonable price, and for having a battery included.


Piedmont, NC


First Alert Basic Smoke Alarm #SA303CN

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