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FilterQueen H2O Vacuum

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I love this vacuum I have owned one for years, this vacuum is everything you could look for in a vacuum cleaner all rolled into one. This vacuum picks up great and has plenty of suction power and attachments to go way beyond your floors and carpets. I really like the fact that i don't have to worry about the vacuum losing suction and it always works when I need it. This vacuum cleaner can go anywhere there is an outlet and do anything you want it to, with attachments to do every above floor job at your house as well as all the attachments you may need to clean your floors. The anti allergen seal on this vacuum makes it even easier to use knowing that ounce you vacuum up the dust it stays in the vacuum cleaner.



This is the best vacuum you can buy.


We baught a FilterQueen about twenty years ago hen they we selling them door to door and ours still works like it is brand new and never been used. There are many vacuums out on the market that claim to never loose suction and have completely sealed hepa filtration system, but let me tell you this vacuum truly does have both features and even more. If you are a person with allergies then you know that running the vacuum causes allergy problems, but when you use this vacuum only clean air leaves the vacuum so you don't have to worry about allergy problems. Maneuverability This vacuum is very easy to move from place to places being that it is a canister vacuum. Ease of Maintenance Even though this vacuum has perfect features for everything else this vacuum is not very easy to clean out, and the bags are not the cheapest. Suction Performance I would most defiantly make a bet to anyone that this vacuum has better suction than any other vacuum out on the market today. Versatility This vacuum comes equips with a tool for absolutly every cleaning job in your home.



FilterQueen H2O Vacuum

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