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Fellowes Screen Cleaning Wipes

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They fill a niche


I can't say these wipes are the most wonderful things I've ever encountered. They simply fill a niche. One needs *something* to clean LCD's and glass cleaner is right out. Considering LCD screens don't attract the dust and lint like its statically-charged CRT predecessor, one doesn't need to clean them as often. That, in itself, doesn't lend itself to this kind of dispenser system. Like others have pointed out, by the time you need the next wipe, they're already drying out. A better system would have been individually sealed wipes, or at least a flat-pack peal-apart system. With this kind of dispenser, the next wipe to be used is getting the most exposure to air while it's in the queue for next-use. Incidentally, the workaround I've used to combat the dry-out issue, is to occasionally add about a tablespoon or two of clean water to the bottle. Obviously that's going to dilute their "formula", but (at least in *my* case) it's not like there's a major cleaning job to do, and I've not noticed any streaking or other ill effects.

Batavia, IL


Can't stand the streaks left behind


Working in an Office all day leaves me staring at a computer screen a lot!   And, there is nothing I hate more than a streaked computer screen.  It's like my glasses....I can't stand if they get even a speck of dirt on them.   Well, I tried these Fellowes Screen Wipes hoping they'd be the answer but they left streaks no matter how I wiped or cleaned.  In my opinion they don't do the job the way they describe on the side of the pop up container.  They may clean the dust off but does not leave a nice shine that I want.  Finally found that if I take a lint free cloth with clear water, wipe up & down in short strokes & dry right away with another lint free cloth, there are no streaks.....so, why waste the money on something that doesn't keep you happy.

Williamsport, MD


These are great for keeping your monitor of your computer clean.


These Screen Cleaning Wipes completely removes dirt, grease and fingerprints from all glass surfaces. Its alcohol-free formula safely cleans glass surfaces including filters, monitors, notebooks, PDA's and scanners. Special anti-static properties help to inhibit the build-up of dust. I highly recomend using them if you like to keep your monitor clean.

Milner, GA


Fellowes Screen Cleaning Wipes

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