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Feature Comforts
Feature Comforts 7 in. Personal Fan

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Feature Comforts Window Fan is the best


Feature Comforts Window Fan is the perfect solution for our need of more air circulation in the summer without using an air conditioner. We liked ours so much that we are on our second one. One warning though - Maybe we used it too much or maybe we got a defective one, but we burned out the motor on our first after only one season however, we liked it so much we tried again. So far, we haven't burned this motor out after one season. We do use it every day for at least 12 hours a day so we are asking a lot from it. It is highly effective and accomplishes more than enough air movement in a fairly large room. In a small room, it cools it down too much so we have to turn it off and on as needed. We are sold on this powerhouse of a little fan and will use it until we burn it out and probably buy another. They are not overly expensive. We also have ceiling fans but find that this window fan does a much better job. We purchased one because we saw other homes using them.

Mountain City, TN


Feature Comforts 7 in. Personal Fan

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