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Eureka ReadyForce Bagged Canister Vacuum

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Good vacuum, no problems.


I've had this vacuum for a couple of years, and I really like it. It's been used quite a lot on carpet and hardwood floors and for other things like couches, dryer vents, HVAC returns, and small areas like corners and baseboards. Maneuverability This is the main reason I wanted this vacuum. I was tired of a heavy upright that couldn't get in corners or small areas, and I didn't want to have a second vacuum just for the smaller stuff. This one is a good combination of the two. I live with my husband with no pets or kids, so we don't have a lot of "deep down dirt" and don't need anything super powerful or super high capacity. This is great for us. Ease of Maintenance Mainteinance is pretty easy. My husband changes the bag whenever it is needed, and we've never had an issues that needed actual repair. The hoses and attachments all fit well. Suction Performance The suction is surprisingly good. After using an upright for so long, it took some getting used to because the suction doesn't feel all that powerful when you're using it, but it does a great job of picking up anything we need it for. Versatility We have used this vacuum on all surfaces in our home, and it works great. It gets dust up from the hardwood floor and hair from the carpet. The hose is long enough to use on the corners of the ceiling while holding the canister (which isn't heavy). Design I like the design just fine. The buttons are large and easy to push with your foot so you don't have to bend over, and the cord coil feature is really great. Durability I've had this vacuum for about 3 years, and it has been used moderately heavily. No huge messes or heavy use, but it works just like new.




I am very unhappy with this product.


I am not happy with this vacuum at all. The hose connection kept coming undone to the point where my husband finally glued it into place. I would never recommend this vacuum to anyone. Carrying it around is awkward and the plug won't even retract completely. Maneuverability It is very awkward to move from one location to another. Design I don't like picking it up by the handle. It is very awkward to move.


Moorefield, WV


Eureka ReadyForce Bagged Canister Vacuum

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