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Eureka PowerPaw Cleaning Kit

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I have a cat that sheds like crazy. I have tried many different devices and products marketed for pet hair clean up. The Eureka PowerPaw Pet Hair Nozzle was another flop. It did not pick up the cat hair as I had hoped. I saw this product on Sears.com recently and decided I would try it since my current vacuum hoses weren't doing much for getting fur off my couch and chairs. I thought maybe this unique vacuum hose attachment would finally be the product to work for me. This attachment will fit about any vacuum. It comes with an adapter but I did not need it on my current vacuum. The bristles on the device spin which is supposed to gather the pet fur. It didn't really seem to do much, which I think was caused by the lack of suction. My hoses always work fine on my vacuum but for some reason with this attachment there didn't seem to be getting as much air through or something. I would have to run it over an area multiple times to get the fur off. It did not do a very good job around my baseboards. It worked better on my couch than my thick carpet. I do not recommend this product. It does not do any better than your normal hose would. Maneuverability It maneuver's fine because it is small and you attach it to your vacuum hoses. Suction Performance Poor suction performance.



Not as great as I expected


I was so excited to find this vacuum attachment. I was hoping it would be the answer to my pet hair problems. We have three dogs, a pit bull, a black lab and a Pomeranian. As I'm sure you can imagine, if I don't stay on top of the shedding dog hair situation it can very quickly get out of hand. I was hoping this little gadget would help me to remove pet hair from the furniture more easily and more efficiently. The basic idea behind this is that there's a brush inside the attachment that spins as the air sucks through the hose, much like the brush that spins in the bottom of the vacuum itself. I assume the idea was that the brush would pull up pet hair better than suction alone. Great in theory, however not so much in practice. I found that the brush didn't always spin and when it did, it didn't always grab the hair. Also, much like the larger brush under the vacuum, long hair gets wound around the brush. Since the plastic casing is not made to open, removing the wound up hair is next to impossible. As is cleaning the inside of this attachment because the brush is in the way. Maneuverability It's small enough to be easy to use on the top of furniture, but too bulky to get into smaller spaces. Ease of Maintenance I really believe that not being able to open up the casting to clean it out was a serious design flaw.

Southfield, MI


Cool gadget; poor suction


The idea behind the Eureka PowerPaw Pet Hair Nozzle Vacuum is a good one, but it doesn't work as well as I thought it should. It attaches easily to the hose end on my Eureka Boss Smartvac, and the vacuum's suction spins the PowerPaw's brush. Do not expect that this spinning brush attachment will be as good as the larger vacuum's suction, because it's not. In fact, while it might work well on upholstery, it does not do a good job of deep vacuuming the stairs. The little rubber nubs on the edges of it are good for loosening up pet hair, but they also make it difficult to slide the PowerPaw over carpet. Using this attachment to vacuum stairs (or any other relatively large areas) gives your arms quite a workout. I wouldn't recommend this product if you're looking for something to vacuum your stairs, but it would probably be a good fit for you if you're looking for something to loosen pet hair off of furniture or upholstery. Maneuverability The PowerPaw is a compact size, so it reaches small spaces easily. Durability I haven't had any problems with it, but I don't use it very often.

San Antonio, TX


A must have for all pet owners!


If you already own the Power Paw pet attachment, your furniture and other upholstery is cleanly vacuumed and pet hair free. If you don"t, stop whatever you are doing and purchase one now! You will thank me over and over for telling you to do so. As an owner of three dogs, two short hair and one long, we are constantly struggling with pet hair on the furniture (and everywhere else, too!) Almost everyday the furniture needs to be vacuumed to remove pet hair and sand. Typical vacuum attachments do help, but they tend to leave behind the short, sharp hairs that many breeds have (such as Boxers) , and to thoroughly remove every last strand is time consuming an d repetitive work...until I found this. I had originally purchased a slightly different design(also made by Eureka), with hesitation, as I thought it was kind of "gimicky", not knowing how much more effective it would be versus classic vacuum attachments. Upon bringing it home, and giving it a first try, I fell in love! The brush, powered by your own vacuums suction power, loosens and sweeps up all the hair- even the embedded ones- with the first stoke. The rubber knobs on the edges also help to loosen and lift the hair away. My upholstery vacuuming time as been easily cut in half thanks to this little gem. I also found it miraculously wonderful for vacuuming dust curtain tops..one quick swipe and the dust is gone, without trying to suck the curtains clean off the rod! I eventually purchased this same exact model as shown, not because this little guy failed me, but because my husband misplaced the original, and I simply could not go a day without it. (both are now happily hugging each of my vacuums..the standard upright, and the shop vac). The newer model has a riser that flips up to make vacuuming stairs easier, but I cannot attest to that feature , as we are in a one story home. Nonetheless, as long as there are animals in your home, this is a must have. Maneuverability Lightweight, easily tranfers from vacuum to vacuum Ease of Maintenance wipe with a damp cloth as needed. Suction Performance Does not cut back on the suction power of the vacuum it is attached to. Versatility Worksgreat on upholstery, curtains and small rugs Design Lightweight, easily tranfers from vacuum to vacuum Durability After three years of heavy use it still works as intended with no sign of wear

New Port Richey, FL


Eureka PowerPaw Cleaning Kit

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