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Pledge Duster Plus Multi-Surface Wands with Spray

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Great for non-glass surface dusting


I purchased the Pledge Duster Plus Kit with Spray with a coupon. I was interested in trying the product because they are less costly than the Swiffer brand. I found this product to work extremely well in picking up and grabbing dust deposits on most wood surfaces, but it doesn't work on glass very well due to the spray leaving streaks on glass surfaces. I used it mainly around electronics and on table and countertops. The duster wand fits very well in hard to reach areas, like the crevices between stereo components. In addition, the product worked wonderfully on window blinds and my ceiling fans. The duster for the Pledge Duster Plus seems to hold onto dust better than similar products and I think that may be due to the spray. I really like this product, but it cannot do all surfaces well. So I will continue to use this along with other products that do not contain added products on the duster heads.




Pledge Duster Plus is an ok dusting product


Pledge Duster Plus Multi-Surface Wand with spray is an ok product. You place the can of spray in the handle and then wipe it with the fluffy duster. When the duster becomes dirty after a few uses, you can buy replacements for it as well. It does work to clean dust off of furniture but I also think it is just as effective to use a rag and a can of spray.


Uniondale, NY


I prefer the old fashioned towel and polish.


I had a coupon try the Pledge Duster Plus Multi-Surface for free so I figured what could it hurt. I am always looking for easier ways to clean since I hate cleaning and decided to give it a shot. Once I got it home and started using it on the tables and cabinets I realized that it wasn't picking up all of the dust, pet hair and crumbs like I hoped it would. I have a two-year old son and crumbs are a major part of my daily cleaning. If you are looking to pick up anything heavier than dust I would not recommend this product. I did like using this product on my ceiling fan though. I had my husband use it to clean the fan and it was an easy way to do that. All the dust seemed to stay stuck to the duster which always makes me happy, especially because the fan is directly above our bed. I normally end up having to clean off the bed after the fan has been dusted. All and all this product was just okay. It did not knock my socks off.


Ypsilanti, MI


Makes dusting more efficient


If you haven't tried the little dusters with the bottle of spray in the handle (Pledge Duster-Plus), you might want to try them the next time you're cleaning.  The Pledge Multi-Surface Dusting Spray is a small 0.8 fl oz. bottle that fits into the handle of the duster.  The Spray makes the duster work more thoroughly and keeps dust away longer. In addition, it leaves a very pleasant fragrance.


Saint Louis, MO


The Pledge duster works great


I had a coupon, so I tried the new Pledge Duster Plus. I loved it right away. I traded with friends for some more coupons & bought 10 more! I am giving them to friends & family for Christmas. I could not wait, & have already given 2 of them away. My nephews seem to be as drawn to the Pledge duster as the dust!  They walk in & pick it up & start dusting.  Of course, they also try to use it as a sword for sword fights! So I have to stop that & tell them to get back to dusting. I definitely have recommended this product to friends.  You can go to the website & request a coupon be mailed to you. It works on the computer keyboard & the tv screen, yay!


Tempe, AZ


The Pledge Duster is a very convenient kitchen product!


The Pledge duster is a great product.  The dusters are disposable.  They are cost friendly.  The dusting spray is attached right to the wand for convenience.   They spray does not leave after streaks, waxy coatings or stickyness and it smells good. I prefer the Pledge duster to the swiffer. 


Seymour, CT


Spray not needed


**Pledge Duster Plus Multi-Surface Wands with Spray is a great way to dust.  The "fabric" that is used in making this wand is great and really does collect the dust.  It doesn't just move it around and up into the air like a regular feather dust does.** **Although, I found that I didn't use the spray that is attached to the wand.  I found that I went through the solution very fast and that it didn't make any difference in how quickly the dust would gather again.  I just took the bottle off of the wand and used it as the original **Pledge Duster Plus Multi-Surface Wand.**** **The biggest complaint I have is that they are expensive and the covers need to be replaced often.  I personally discovered that I needed to replace the covers every three times or so so that the dust was still being trapped in the "fabric".  The refills are almost as expensive as the **Pledge Duster Plus Multi-Surface Wands with Spray itself.  I prefer to use a rag that I can wash and reuse again as new.****


Wayne, MI


Cleaning. Uck! Get help with Pledge Duster Plus!


Cleaning?  Housework?  Indoor chores?  Ugh!  I don't think they're ever fun or easy to accomplish!!!  Why not add a bit of simplicity to the task with Pledge Duster Plus Multisurface Wands with Spray.  One of my most dreaded tasks around the house is dusting.  I feel like it's a never ending battle.  I sweep the dust bunnies from here and they hop right over to there.  Or the ceiling fans; give me a break!  Any dust that leaves them just trickles down onto the surfaces around the house. Well, Pledge Duster Plus helps immensely with these slight problems.  Not only do they offer convenient, easy to use dusters (that are easy to toss when the job is done) but the spray involved seems to trap the dust before it can "fly" away.  They definitely work better and are more efficient that your regular conventional dusters.  Now if I could only find a maid... LOL! The only negative aspect to the Pledge Plus is the cost of buying refill packs.  Any product that is disposable has this downfall; but it's the small price we pay for the added convenience.


Corunna, MI


traps dust from going back into the air


We use these at work where we have tons of electronics. It works great to get the dust of the keyboards,screens,fans and other parts of the computers around the work stations. Great for cabinets,blinds and also house plants. You get alot done with just one duster,wish that they were a little bigger in lenght,would get more use time for just one duster then. The spray is plesant smelling.


Leitchfield, KY


Fast and easy dusting tool


 I have a 6 year old daughter who can be very messy at times.....and I am trying to get her to learn how to take care of her room.Last week when her 2 friends came over(with their moms) I started to use the duster with the spray,very casually here and there...,and the girls were looking at me very intrigued...They finally asked me if they could borrow the "cool wand" and sure enough they were fighting over who got to use it first,and in 15 minutes flat the room was DUSTED.!!!This is by far my daughter's favorite(and only!) cleaning tool.


Rochester, NY


Pledge Duster Plus Multi-Surface Wands with Spray

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