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Essentia Energie Opus IV Mattress

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totally worth the money


i was so excited to get the essentia energie opus iv mattress. when we got it i fell in love. this bed is heaven. it feels like your floating. i absolutely love that they are made from non-toxic materials. i waited so long to save up enough money to buy one of these babies. i am seriously so happy that i waited and saved up for it. the mattress was shipped to us quickly and arrived without any problems. this bed is so superior to any other on the market. my husband and i both sleep so well on this mattress. i dont feel him rolling around or getting out of it in the middle of the night. my husband has never liked any mattresses we have ever had until this one. the only problem i have with this mattress is i never want to get out of bed. but that is an ok problem with me. i cant believe i have slept on other beds before this. these mattresses are really expensive but totally worth every single penny.




Essentia Energie Opus - Best Mattress Ever!


So here is the story of how I came to buy a mattress over the Internet without ever trying it. 1 - Had been using futons for years and my back problems getting worse 2 - Decided to shop for the best, healthiest material for my wife and I to sleep on (pretending price was no object) 3 - Never been much of an innerspring guy so decided to check out other options (foam, air, latex) 4 - Did a bunch of research and found out that memory foam is universally recommended as the most comfortable and supportive sleep for your back (except for the chemicals) 5 - Decided to road test Tempurpedic mattress, and a few others at my local Sleep Train 6 - Tried out the Tempurpedic Rhapsody and was very impressed with the comfort 7 - Did a bunch more research and found out that while many people were very happy with the Tempurpedic, many more were very unhappy due mostly to several reasons - Off-gassing (the smell) and sleeping hot. Caveat Emptor! 8 - Discovered Essentia's web site www.myessentia.com and the Tempurpedic v. Essentia Comparison page 9 - Read a bunch more of the articles from the excellent Learning Center on Essentia's site and was very impressed with the amount of information and the transparency 10 - Was very skeptical about buying a mattress without ever trying it (no showroom in my area) so placed a call to Essentia USA 1-888-897-2202 and spoke to Rob Aviles 11 - Pestered Rob with a bunch of questions and he handled them all with a bounty of knowledge, enthusiasm, grace, and humor 12 - Talked to my wife and had to make a decision - We believed what we read that Essentia is the only natural memory foam mattresses on the market, that they are green, clean and healthy BUT will this be as comfortable as the Tempurpedic and how do I pick the Essentia that will most likely match the Rhapsody in firmness and comfort? 13 - Looked at the Essentia mattress collection a few more times and decided that the Energie Opus seemed to be the right choice based on the firmness rating and description 14 - Talked to Rob a few more times, took a deep breath, and pulled the trigger 15 - Luckily was moving into our new house so too busy to notice the wait 16 - Got the mattress, opened it up (no smell - NONE) put it together, put some sheets on and gave it a whirl! So how did we do? We both looked at each other and cracked a big grin because not only did this mattress match exactly our expectation of what we remembered the Rhapsody to feel like, it may have been even more comfortable! Now three weeks later, I can say that I have never slept better in my life.  I was a bit hot at first and thought it was the mattress until I realized I am sleeping in a new house with a brand new HVAC furnace (very efficient) with the vent right over my head. It's not the bed. My back had been very sore from packing, moving, unpacking, not exercising, etc. The only difference in the last few weeks that I am sleeping on a brand new Essentia Energie Opus. Slowly but surely, every day my back is a little less sore. Though it was definitely very weird to buy a mattress without trying it, I can say it was one of the best decisions I have made. Our sleep and health are very important to us. Essentia is the real deal. Sincerely - James Fotheringham


South San Francisco, CA


Perfect comfort


We've had our Essentia for just over a month. WIthout a doubt it is the most comfortable mattress out there. No more back pain for me, and my wife who always used to be hot (well she still is in a different way) , has no more complaints. She always had pillows supporting her back , now they are gone. We both are on cloud nine over the sleep we get on our Essentia. Plus, no more nasty off-gassing from the regular memory foam. If you have back problems, or are just looking for the most comfortable mattress you can get, then take my advice and spend the money. You will never regret it. Anthony C Calgary, Canada


Pompano Beach, FL


Essentia Energie Opus IV Mattress

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