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Equate (Walmart) Multi-Vitamin Face Lotion

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Not Convinced


For a moisturizing lotion, this does the job about as well as any other moisturizing lotion. But therein lies its biggest problem. If I'm going to pay more for a vitamin enhanced lotion, I would expect better results. To me, they don't seem better than using regular lotion, so I would rather pay less with something else for the same results. Effectiveness For moisturizing lotion, this does seem to work pretty well. The added vitamins are supposed to add nutrition and vibrancy to your skin, but personally, I'm not convinced that it helps that much. When using this lotion, I don't see much difference between these results and that of regular lotion. Ease of Application This lotion is easy and quick to apply and rub in, and it absorbs in pretty quickly. One drawback is that it can leave some feeling a bit greasy afterward. Scent The scent isn't too overpowering or irritating. It is more subtle and light than anything.



High Quality Job done with Store Brand - Same as Using the BEST!


This product is not just good but very incredible and so many if they could only realize that it is not the best choice to use so many of the products you find in stores on your skin or in it.  Equate Face Lotion is a leader in gettin' her done!  A face well groomed and nurtured is a face that rewards it wearer back with a nice comfortable good looking feeling and demands from its day the results of that!   Thank-You! Joe in Ira Township    

Fair Haven, MI


Equate (Walmart) Multi-Vitamin Face Lotion

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