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Equate Daily Renewal Cleanser

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Pretty Good Results For Low Price


This product does come at a lower cost than the name-brand equivalent alternatives, and personally, I have seen good enough results from it to consider it effective. Combining this product's effectiveness and low cost makes it a good deal that is worth looking into. Effectiveness I have been pleased with the results of this product. It keeps my skin clean and removes natural grease and oil very easily. It also rinses off quite well without leaving any uncomfortable residue on my skin. I also have never suffered from an allergic reaction or uncomfortable skin reaction through the use of this product. Ease of Application This product is extremely simple and easy to use. Scent This daily cleanser is unscented, which I personally find appealing. Many scented skin cleansers and soaps are too strong and overpowering. But this one simply leaves a fresh, clean scent that is pleasant instead of overpowering.



A mistake I'm loving


I bought this product completely by mistake. They are right next to the Olay face wash I've used for years, and I simply wasn't paying close enough attention to the bottle I grabbed. At first I thought about returning it for my brand, but between work and kids another trip was to much. Reluctantly, I went ahead and used it, expecting very poor results. I've never been so happy to make a mistake. This cleanser is so nice. It cleans very gently yet effectively, feels wonderful on the skin during application, rinses clean away and leaves skin feeling soft and natural without over drying. Not something I was expecting for that price. It has a very mild fragrance that I'm not in love with, but it is not unpleasant either-and really that kind of thing comes down to personal preference. I would, and have, highly recommend this to several of my friends who are just as happy with the results (and price) as I am. If you're wondering whether to get this cleanser or not, buy it, just do it. You'll be just as pleased as I am. Effectiveness Surpisingly effective. It feels so smooth on your skin, yet leaves it feeling so fresh and clean. Ease of Application Pump dispenser, the only way it could get easier is if it washed your face for you Scent Pleasant, but not my personal favorite.

Toledo, OH


Just Like the Name brand


Wequate Daily Renewal Cleanser is just like Olay Age Defying Renewal Cleanser. It gives you the same youthful radiant skin that is promised from Olay, but it's has a better price. They do not test on animals. Not testing on animals means a lot to me. It shows that they have a quality prodcut without harming animals. I will always buy this product.

Los Angeles, CA


Equate Daily Renewal Cleanser

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