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Equate Daily Face Wash

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It was a decent face wash, but I won't be using it again.


The Equate daily face wash is a simple and basic face wash. There is nothing too exciting about it. It is a good price when compared to other face washes out there. There also isn't anything that great about the scent of it, but I didn't care too much about that. I will say that this isn't the best face wash for sensitive skin. It will make your face tingle and you will feel a bit of a burning sensation. It dried my skin out a little also. I can see it being okay for people with normal skin. It did get my face clean and got my make up off. It does work as a basic face wash. There isn't anything extra too it. Effectiveness It was effective, but I have found better face washes. It does get your face clean and your make up off. It does work. Ease of Application It was easy to apply and use. Just squeeze the face wash out of the tube, rub it in your hands and apply to your face. Then rinse off and you are finished. Scent There was nothing appealing about the scent. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great.



An effective, affordable face wash


I have nothing negative to say about this Equate daily face wash! I am surprised at how effective it is for being such an affordable product! When you look closely at the label between the Equate face wash versus some of the name brand face washes (Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, etc), you'd be surprised to see that they are fairly similar, except that you will find this one to be a lot more affordable! The product is very simple to apply and use! While I prefer the ease and convenient of a facial wipe, I do enjoy using this every few days. I feel that it does a better job at really scrubbing away dirt and make-up than a wipe. The wash is also very gentle on skin - I have sensitive skin but have never had any issues with daily wash! It doesn't leave your face feeling too oily or too dry- it's a great balance! The scent is also clean and refreshing, yet not over-powering. Overall, this is a great product to use in maintaining healthy facial skin! I would definitely recommend using it!

Reading, PA


This face wash is not for sensitive skin


This facial wash is good, inexpensive, and it does deep cleanse to rid pores of black heads and it gives you that clean feeling. However, it is not made for sensitive skin. I have used this product for about 2 years now, and I am now discontinuing use because I realized that it is responsible for my dry, burning, peeling skin. At first, I used this product regularly, every morning and every night before bed, but now, I don't use it at all. After using it, I'd have flakes of dry skin all over my cheeks and the skin around my nostrils was red, enflamed, and tender. Whenever a burning sensation occurred, I would stop using the product for several days, but I would have to wait for my face to stop peeling before washing it at all. Plus, afterwards, my skin also seemed very oily. So, if you have sensitive skin like I do, I suggest that you try a milder product, because this facial wash is good for making your skin clean, but it's also good for burning your skin, which I don't think anyone would want.

Pasadena, CA


Equate Face Wash


Equate Daily Face Wash is great for anyone looking for a cheap face-wash that works. I do not have sever acne problem so I would not recommend this to everyone, but there is no harm is trying if it works for you too. I love the foaming action it gives.  It makes me feel like the wash is really cleaning my face.  After the wash, I feel great.  It is refreshing and great for those hot summer days or after a good workout.  Washing your face while your pore are still open (like when you are sweating) is a great way to keep up the skin health.  It washes away the oil not just on the top epidermis, but the cleans deeps into the pores too. My friend used my face-wash once and then she went and bought one for herself.  She just love it.  It leaves a cool refreashin feeling. I would not recommend this if you have any open wounds on your face.  It may cause burning.  Also, I have dry skin and my skin becomes dryer after using this;  I just wait a few minutes after my face drys then I put some cream on.  My face feels soft and clean.

Houston, TX


Equate Daily Face Wash

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