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Energizer - Rechargable Compact Charger Model: CHDC8

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Best rechargable device I ever had!


I picked up this Energizer recharging kit the other day at the store after remembering a friends suggestion to buy such a device for my cats laser toy.  So far the product has worked great and my cat is happy with his laser.  The charge station is very convenient and compact.  I just need to hook it up when the batteries low and things work great. I especially like the power display that keeps you updated on how long it will take to charge. It displays a number for the hours it will take and also has a neat little animation that looks very cool. It sort of reminds me of the animation on your cell phone when you are charging the battery.  One of the few grips I had with this device is maybe the recharge times. It seems to take so much time to charge.  Another issue maybe the display which tells you how much time is left.  It doesn't always update properly and sometimes is stuck at a certain displayed time indefinitely until you reconnect the device for it to properly update. But in the end the device does what its suppose too and despite the flaws its still a lot nicer than many other chargers out there and also has a decent price as well.


San Jose, CA




I have been using rechargable batteries for lots of devices and toys for the past six years. My old basic Maxell almost come towards its end life cycle. I got to tape it up to hold the base together. So, I decided to hunt for a new charger, which would do pretty much the same job-- recharging rechargable NiMH batteries. There were a few options to choose from while I was at the grocery store. I purchased this Energizer Rechargeable Compact Charger because it could charge my AAA 850 mAh (rated capacity) batteries in 2 hour or less. As for my AA 2450 mAh batteries, it would take around 4 hour. Both time frames are much better than my old Maxell, which requires up to 8 hours for recharging to be completed. If you were to have AA batteries of 2000 mAh and 1700 mAh, it takes only about 3.5  and 3 hour respectively. I love that the prongs of the AC plug could be folded! If you need to use the charger, just lift the prongs until the plug snaps into place. Then you are ready to plug into the standard AC outlet. After you are done charging, return the prongs to their closed position (folded postion). Then slide the charger to close, just like how it shows in the image. That compact!!! I haven't tell you one more great feature. It shows different ways to indicate to you if the batteries were charging, completed, or bad. All these details could be found in the user's guide. How cool is that! That way, you could save energy instead of not knowing when charging would be completed. For a starter, it comes with four 2450 mAh rechargeable batteries.  


Wichita, KS


Energizer - Rechargable Compact Charger Model: CHDC8

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