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Energizer - AA4 Ultimate Lithium Batteries

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Energizer batteries work the best


Energizer batteries (especially the Lithium and/or Energizer max batteries) always last the longest. It is important for me to be able to put new batteries into my digital camera or my flashlight so that these can be ready to use. I always buy Energizer and trust the brand over no-brand or other brand batteries.




Batteries last a long time!!


One of my pet peeves is how often I have to buy batteries, especially for this little digital camera my daughter gave me. It seems it is always in need of new batteries. It is usually when I am trying to take a picture. So, I have been purchasing these energizer batteries. It seems like most things take some type of battery nowadays. My grandchildren have gaming devices that all take batteries. It is just imperative to have good, dependable batteries on hand at all time. Energizer batteries are dependable and affordable if you are lucky enough to have a coupon. Energizer normally puts out good coupons in the Sunday insert at least one time a month. I depend on these batteries and I watch the sales so I can utilize my coupons when possible. Energizer is a great brand and they make good batteries. I trust this brand which is also very important when purchasing a product. I highly recommend this brand of batteries.


SmallTown, TX


It started with a camera


It all began with a camera. No matter what we tried it seemed to devour batteries. Alkalines, coppertops, bunnies with drums, rechargeables, NiCads, nickle hydrides, nothing was safe.In desperation, we tried the the high priced (about double that of a typical alkaline) Energizer E2's. They are worth every penny. Nothing less will ever again tough our electronics, digital cameras, remote controls, wireless mice, and even flashlights.These batteries seem to last forever, particularly with digital cameras. The basic difference between the E2 lithium battery and alkalines, nicads, etc. is that the power is supplied at a steady voltage until the battery is almost completely drained. Then it drops rapidly instead of slowly dropping from the first use. Therefore, your camera has full power until it's time to replace the battery.Sure, I'm paying twice as much for the battery but it lasts way over twice as long!


Brooklyn, NY


Energizer AA4 Ultimate Lithium Batteries are worth the price!


The **Energizer AA4 Ultimate Lithium Batteries **are what keep my Canon Powershot Camera going and going and going. In fact, they last up to 8X longer in digital cameras vs. Energizer Max batteries and 7 hours longer in GPS devices. [according to the Energizer bunny!] My Canon Powershot Camera is a real power hog. Regular Energizer and Duracell batteries can't handle the power consumption. I have tried buying rechargeable batteries but they don't last long and it is inconvenient to have to find a place to plug them in while traveling. The first time I purchased the Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries I hated shelling out the money and cursed the price under my breath. After using them and seeing the difference I have quit resenting the price. These batteries are worth every penny. The back of the package states that they are the "World's Longest Lasting AA Battery in High-Tech Devices". I agree. They are also ideal for use in: * Handheld GPS * LED Flashlights * Photo Equipment * CD and mp3 Players They are lighter than other batteries and will still perform In extreme temperatures (-40° To 140°F) guaranteed. **The Energizer Guarantee:** They will repair or replace, at their option, any device damaged by these Energizer batteries. Guarantee void if batteries are charged by user or device. [not rechargeable] Made in USA  


Northern, FL


Energizer - AA4 Ultimate Lithium Batteries

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