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Emerson 700 Watt 0.7 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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a great way cook food fast


I have had this microwave for 4+ months. I I use it alot for various things. It is great for baking potatoes quickly, and making various quick choices for my children and husband. It doesn't defrost meats as quickly as I'm used to, but it still does the job. Settings/Features I love all the buttons. My kids are starting to read and now they can put their own popcorn in and just hit a button. Saves me some time when they can do it themselves.




serves its purpose


I bought this microwave when I first moved out on my own. I picked this one because it was the cheapest and smallest because I didn't have a lot of counter space in my apartment. It serves it's purpose, but when I started to get into cooking more, I realized I needed a bigger more powerful microwave. It has a turntable which was nice. However, it took quite a while to cook anything and it was very small. I was able to fit a 8 inch baking dish I it, but it wouldn't turn which made the good cook unevenly. I had it for a couple of years because I couldn't afford another one, so I did get quite a but of use out of it. It had a decent amount of features for a cheap microwave too. I had to replace it because eventually the button for the door would no longer work, so I couldn't even get it open to use it. I got a larger more powerful microwave and I would never go back to one of these. It's perfect for younger people that don't have a lot of money or cook very often though.




Emerson 700 watt microwave


My fiance and I purchased this microwave about 3 years ago when we were moving into our new apartment. We chose this one because of the price. Being on a budget we needed to get the cheapest microwave we could find. This was the one. Its very small. For us the size of it was fine because we don't make anything big since there is only 3 of us. We mainly use it for heating up vegetables, left overs, and milk for our tot. We realized that this microwave takes more time then any other one we have ever used to heat anything up. I think I would have been okay with this microwave if it popped popcorn. We watch a lot of movies and over the past 3 years we haven't been able to eat microwave popcorn. We tried several times to make it in this microwave. We even tried it on the popcorn setting that the microwave has. No luck with it. The popcorn doesn't pop on the popcorn setting and on the regular setting it pops some of the kernels but then while waiting for the rest to pop the ones that did pop burnt. Cheaper is not always better. I will be looking to get a new microwave.




water, popcorn


my wife went through 3 bags of popcorn before she said screw it. the next day she put water in to heat it the dam thing caught fire. guess it sucks to live pay check to check but some peeps do. always get screwed when u buy cheap. but cant afford the good stuff. glad it works for some peeps but not us. thanks emerson wont be seeing your name soon.


Mechanicville, NY


Emerson Microwave, Great for Newlyweds!


This small compact Emerson microwave is such a great buy for newlyweds! This was the first purchase my husband and I purchased together, and we purchased it at a great price, which as a newly married couple, that is something we look for in almost everything! The size was just right for our compact small kitchen. It fit just in the right spot and the cord was good and long enough to reach. I have never had a problem with it not putting off enough power! It heats great and also defrosts wonderfully! One of the only set backs about the size is that it will not hold some plates. So, that is the only downfall to the size! Plus, the place that we purchased it from it only came in white, but other than that, I love my little microwave!


Elm City, NC


Emerson 700 Watt 0.7 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven MW7300W


I don't need to have a microwave with a bunch of functions. I am not too picky, as long as it works! So I will not spend a lot on something like this. The Emerson microwave is inexpensive and easy to use. To be honest, I am not sure how to use all of the functions, but I know how to heat things up for a certain amount of time. It heats things up like microwave dinners at the suggested times. The clock also keeps time well. This microwave does not get too hot. My boyfriend's microwave gets so hot that water heated up in it has burned my tongue. I like this microwave because it is simple, does what I want it to do, does not take up a lot of space, and I have had it for a while without needing to replace it.


Detroit, MI


This is a great buy for limited incomes


I was afraid to buy this Emerson microwave because, well, face it, the Emerson name is sort of equated with "cheap", but was short on funds and needed a microwave...fast.  This has turned out to be a great find!!  I am a person who is short on patience and long on fun and there is no way the other "army" title plus electric can compare with this little jewel.  It answers all my needs in a hurry, cooks evenly, without the spotty "cold spots" you find in other brands and the price didn't even hurt my southern "poor" limited funds account.  Go to the big name brand stores who stock all the "army title" names and you will find this peach on the cheapest section of the display.  Don't be afraid to proudly display this jewel on your kitchen countertop..it looks great, too!  Clean-up is a snap with the removable turntable and the little round thingy that comes out for cleaning as well.  I am recommending this to all of my friends who are like me and too busy playing to do a lot of oven cooking and we all know that the south is the poorest paying section of the states, so this fits everyone's pocketbooks easily, but, don't think you have to be poor to buy this.  This would be a fantantic Christmas gift for your college students and your "just starting out" young adults.  Bottom line...Great price...great buy!!


Grenada, MS


Emerson 700 Watt 0.7 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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