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Elna Quilter's Dream

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Elna is the best sewing machine


I purachsed my Elna sewing machine about a month agoe. i PReviously had an Elna that my mother ahd handed down to me. I was able to trade my old Elna in and get my new one which I found great. I am very happy with my Elna sewing machine, it is so fun and has so many different sticthes on it that I am still playing with it trying to see what else it can do. The fabrics flows through the sewing machine very easily and freely. Bobbin winding is very quick and the machine has great speed controll on it. I have one used one other brand of sewign machine and it was junk i wont say brands but I know why my mother always said Elna was the best. When i was growing up she had the big metal Elna and it still works today my sister who isnt much of a sewer still uses it it is over 30 years old and still going. everyone i know that has had an Elna has never had a bad one or one that cost much to get fixed. I really enoy sewing and now i will really be able to make some quilts with this new machine!!!

Harlan, IA


The Elna Quilter's Dream meets is great for beginners and pros.


I got this machine when I was learning to quilt.  It is almost 10 years old and still going strong.  There is not much that this machine can't do.  I use it often when I give sewing lessons to children because I can control the speed level.  The children are also enthralled by the many stitches and this helps to keep their interest.   But the machine, by its very name, is made for  quilting.  I have made full-sized quilts and done all the stippling myself.  The machine can handle itself in just about any sewing room.  It is also a very portable machine.  It's lightweight enough for my young daughter to carry around and great for those times when we have to take our projects on the go.  I love this machine and highly recommend it.

Prince George, VA


Elna Quilter's Dream

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