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Elna 2005 Sewing Machine

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The Elna 2005 is very well designed machine. Works like a dream.


I brought my Elna 2005 eight years ago. I design and sew my own clothing for over 40 years. So believe, that quailifies me as somewhat of an expert on a good sewing machine. The machine is very well designed. The only thing I recommend is adding it a pin catcher. I have mine at the top of the machine. The supplies like needles and bobbins are easy to find in my local stores, as well as the internet stores. I put my machine through alot of wear and tear. I use all kinds of fabrics, especially silks and high-end designer fabrics. In the pass, have used Singers. Elna 2005 is far better than any other Singer Machine I have used. And as I said, much better designed. It is made in Thailand. Sorry about that USA manufacturers. But, I require a machine that can take my work load. I usually buy USA products. Once a year I have the machine professional cleaned and oiled. But the daily, brushing is easy. Even changing the light bulb is easy. Thank you for your time and reading my review.  

New York, NY


The Elna 2005 is an amazing machine!


My mom gave me the Elna 2005 for Christmas 6 years ago and i have loved using it!!  I was used to sewing on a 40 year old machine and it was so nice to get a new, updated machine to use.  My Elna is so quiet and easy to use even though I'm not extremely experienced with sewing.  The instruction manual is very helpful and has helped me multiple times when I've struggled to figure out how to do the stitch that I want.  I love all of the embroidery stitch options that are available on this machine and I know that the Elna is capable of doing so many more stitches than I have ever even seen.  My only warning is to make sure you buy the correct bobbin because otherwise it will not wind correctly and will cause you many frustrations.  As long as you have the correct ones and you follow the instructions in the manual, you will love this machine and will constantly be looking for projects to use it on!

Idaho Falls, ID


Elna 2005 Sewing Machine

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