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Earthwise 20-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

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Good Mower - So Far...


Bought Earthwise 20" Cordless Electric Mower from Amazon.com. Assembled with no significant difficulty but it is HEAVY. I have to roll it out of the box because I cannot lift it out. Have to read the manual, though - it especially asked to be charged for 15 hours (and no more than 24 hours) for the first use. The mower works quite well on first try. The grass on my lawn has not been mowed for 2-3 months so, it was probably a good foot high. The mower taper down on patches where the grass was very thick and high but it get the job done in one -charge. My lawn is probably about 7K sqft. I am about to use it for the third time this weekend -- so, fingers still crossed...


Fresno, CA


This is the Perfect Mower for Me!


I purchased this mower a little over a year ago because I have always struggled with starting our gas-powered lawn mower. I actually have a sort of fear of all gas-powered lawn appliances, and really wanted to try another option. How easy is this mower to start? Can you insert a larg plastic key in a slot and pull a lever? If so - You're good to go! There are some trade-offs with an electric vs gas-powered engine. If I let the lawn get quite high, this machine tends to get a little bogged down and will go through a charge faster. Also, if you have hills, you will most likely struggle with this mower. It does have some weight to it, and it's not self-propelled, so you'll work up a sweat. Although quieter than a normal mower, it does put out some noise. On the plus side - I can mow any time I want and not struggle with pulling strings. There is no gas smell, only freshly-mown grass! I love this.


Cheboygan, MI


Cordless lawn mower works great but not for hilly yards


We had an electric corded mower for years because it is easy to use and there isn't a fumy smell while mowing. When I saw the cordless electric mower I thought it would be just perfect.  It is an Earthwise 20 inch 24 volt mower with grass catcher or mulcher. and a 20 amp hour battery.  Works great, cuts great, easy to charge, has a meter to keep track of the battery charge, its great...if you have a completely flat yard.  Our yard is on a mild slope in front but the backyard is uphill.  The heavy weight of the mower makes it close to impossible to push it in the back yard. If your yard is flat, I would recommend this mower, if you have a sloping or hilly yard, might want to think twice about trying to push it uphill. It is a very heavy machine.


Colorado Springs, CO


the Earthwise lawn mower makes doing the right thing easy


this lawn mower makes me so very happy!  You don't need gas.  Plug it in and you can mow for 2+ hours at a time.  It has the option to mulch it, bag it or just cut it and throw it back into the mix.  It's much lighter than any gas-powered mower i have **ever** used and easy to manuver.  It *is* a blade mower, so it needs blade maintenance.  Did i mention, you don't need gas?!?!?  I like taller grass, and the height adjustment is VERY easy to work.  Since it is battery powered (always kinda ready-to-go) it has some safety features that make accidental start-up not real likely.  There is a removable plastic "key" that needs to be in place in order for it to even work (kind of like a treadmill).  to start it you pull up on a small lever and hold it against the handlebars to keep it running.  To turn off, you simply let go of the bar.  Another awesome thing about the electric mower is you can turn it on and off with very little effort.  It's not a big deal to restart your mower.  It's a whole new world of lawn mowing.  And you never run out of gas!


Saint Paul, MN


be green use a battery powered lawn mower


have had the earthwise batter lawnmowere maybe 4 months now.  And its very heavy, but works well.  My grass is St.Augustine and is very think and to keep it short is getting to be a bit of a struggle.  But I have been mowin a bit higher and then going back over a second time or mow in narrower (about half the width of the mower bed) to allow the mulchings to drop.  Overall the batter stays charged well and starting is so nice....PLUS NO pollution, NO gas!  I FEEL GOOD to be GREEN


Dallas, TX


Better than my expectations.


I bought it because my lawn mower in Nice with a Honda engine (which is only 2 years) was left to me. I guess I could fix, but I took it as an excuse to have an electric lawnmower. This mower worked great, I was skeptical to say because of all the comments, how difficult is this mower, but in fact I hardly noticed. She felt a little heavier than my lawn mower with gasoline engine (160cc), but if he concentrated I doubt you have noticed. I broke a little more than an hour, and the battery life even more than half (show there are 3 lights on the back of the volume of cargo contains - not more). The kicker is, trying to fix my old mower had, I order parts - to prove my point of reference - the sequence of parts, etc. All in all my court two months without shearing. Backyard parties were easily 1.5 meters high. This mower with plow. I noticed a slight drop in overall performance, which is passed through the projections, but never stopped. My mower with gasoline engine, and suffered fewer deaths. The adjustment of the height of the platform change is in order, his arm moves all the wheels, I changed the height of the platform while the engine was running in less than 3 seconds. The battery requires some attention in the off-season rate (a charge every 30 days) to hold and it may seem like a chore that I would seem to me 10 times easier than with my machine when winter and spring, sometimes, what with gas to do in my gas tank has expired. I'll just get a monthly reminder on my phone to charge the batteries. No pain. I did it once, but I loved it. The price is worth it to go further.


Belleville, NJ


Earthwise 20-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

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