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Earth's Best
Earth's Best Organic Crunchin' Grahams - Honey Sticks

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GREAT product!


I babysit my cousin, who is 2 years old, 3 days a week. His parents keep him on a primarily organic diet, so naturally that's how I feed him when I watch him. Earth's Best Organic Crunchin' Grahams - Honey Sticks has been one of his favorite food items for over a year. I don't blame him, these things are good! Yep, I tried them and now we share our honey graham sticks with each other. These are a little pricy so they may not fit into everyone's budget. These are great for while children are learning to feed themselves. That's when my cousin started eating these and he has loved them since day one. These are good for on the go and don't cause a lot of mess. We take them on car rides or to the park. These are a good way for him to satisfy his sweet tooth without having candy or something like that. Its great knowing the ingredients in a product he likes are all organic! Plus these snacks taste GREAT! [Even as a 23 year old, I say that]. I highly recommend this product. It's ORGANIC, tastes good, and isn't messy.



Amazing Product


My son absolutely loves these. We have tried many similar products but these are the ones he prefer. Ive tried one and I have to agree with him. I have made these a household snack. I cant wait until my daughter is old enough to have some herself. And the best thing is that these are all organic which is a huge deal in my household.



Kids love them and they are great for them Earth's Best Organic


Personally, I didn't like the taste of these, but babies always have different tastes, but my 2 year old loved them. Not to mention they were great for them. The non-pesiticide and organic materials used to make this item happily satisifed me while the nutritional value and the yummy taste satisified my toddler, All in all, a great product and at an afforable price!

Fort Smith, AR


Great organic snack for little ones starting to feed themselves.


Since 90% of my son's jarred baby food is made by **Earth's** **Best**, what better company to make his first snack foods too.  First I bought the Earth's Best [teething biscuits][1] and loved them, so now I have purchased the **Organic Crunchin' Grahams **in the flavor **Honey Sticks**. The **Earth's Best Organic Crunchin' Grahams **are graham cracker sticks that fit perfectly in the hand of your little one.  They are organic and made without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. **Earth's Best Organic Crunchin' Grahams **are available in two varieties: - Honey Sticks - Apple Cinnamon Sticks **The Scoop!** These snacks are so much better than other toddler snacks on the market.  One serving contains 8g of organic grains!  I will continue to buy these as long as my son wants to eat them!   [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Earths-Best-Barley-Teething-Biscuits-review-bd586

Camp Lejeune, NC


Earth's Best Organic Crunchin' Grahams - Honey Sticks

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