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Earth's Best
Earth's Best Barley Teething Biscuits

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kids love them...just messy


When my oldest son started teething, we began looking at the teething biscuits available for him.  He was miserable.  Since I am a big fan of the Earth's Best cereals, I decided to try the Barley Biscuits, even though the name didn't sound too appealing to me.  These biscuits come 2 to a pack which I wish they'd change to individually wrapped.  One at a time is plenty for a small child.  I also wish they'd sell them in larger quantities per box.  The biscuits are very hard and very dense.  When my son's teeth were just coming in, he'd just chew on them and they'd slowly break down.  As he got a little bigger and got more teeth in, we really had to watch him because he could break off pieces after chewing on it for a while.  The taste is actually pretty good so I can see why he likes them, especially after tasting the Gerber biscuits.    My only complaint with the Earth's Best Barley Biscuits is that they are really messy.  The biscuits break down, as they should, while being chewed and it just gets everywhere.  And it will really stick to the clothes!  Despite the mess, I highly recommend the Barley Biscuits.  My kids both loved them and it introduced a new food to them in an easy way.  Now they don't blink when I add barley to soups and such.  They recognize the flavor.  The Barley Biscuits are another winning product from Earth's Best.

Athens, GA


Nice organic option for kids learning to self feed


We've only given our son these teething biscuits a couple times. He seems to like them, and it is good practice for him to learn how to pick food up and get it to his mouth. I don't think these would be good snacks for kids who can already feed themselves--this is trainer food. They're a good size--easy for little hands to hold and fit into their mouths. I really like that they're not too sweet too. No need to get my little one hooked on sugar quite yet. (They'll be time for that later, haha.)  They are very messy! As my son eats them they pretty much dissolve and make a slimy paste everywhere, but I think that's pretty common with teething biscuits. If you don't want a mess, don't give them these! You do need to watch babies very carefully with any teething biscuit. Pieces can break off and they can choke. It happened to my son once but luckily I was right there and immediately took the biscuit away. Now we monitor closely and when it seems like it's getting too soggy, we take it away. So if you're going to give your child a teething biscuit, this is a pretty good option!

Evanston, IL


Long lasting and baby seems to like them


I gave these to my 12 month old son about a month ago when his two top teeth started to come through. A month later, one has made it down, but the other one is still lodged up in his gums and is giving him a lot of pain. I don't want to keep him drugged all day, so anything he can bite is an absolute godsend. He seems to enjoy these biscuits, but I wouldn't say he loves them. There are certain things I pull out of the cupboard that make him bounce up and down with excitement, and these elicit mild interest at best. But, he always finishes them when I give him one, and they take him a long time to finish. I like that they are so hard because he can really gnash that gum down onto the biscuit and get a bit of relief, and the biscuit doesn't just fall apart. I usually taste everything I give my son before I let him eat it, and these were no exception. They have a basic, plain, but still flavorful taste - probably about what you expect a barley teething biscuit to taste like. Nothing amazing - kind of a like a plain graham cracker.  Like other reviewers, I did notice that at the end of the cookie, he tends to put a very large chunk in his mouth. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but since they are so hard, you should pay close attention and maybe even take the last bit away an break it into little bits for the child. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy these, but they are a good value, and they will be on my list whenever teething is an issue.

Phoenix, AZ


Earth's Best Barley Teething Biscuits - Not my favorite


I actually expected my baby loving these cooking, but he probably just had about 5 and I don't give it to him anymore.  They seem to be okay, and probably will work for a lot of babies, but my son doesn't really into them. I think he likes something more breakable or chewable, and gets irritated with these cookies after few minutes, lol On the other hand, I don't like these because they tend to be extremely messy.  When he eats them, they are just on everything that is around him.  Once, I tries give these to him in the car, while in his car seat, and oh boy, I did not like what I saw when we came to our destination, lol  Oh, and one more thing (I absolutely don't meat to offend anyone), but everytime I would take out a cookie from its package, for some reason whey would always remind me of a dog cookie and I kind of did not like that feelling when giving them to my baby (they look kind of dark brown and have a prolong shape), lol

Troutdale, OR


Earth's Best Barley Teething Biscuits

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