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eb5 Facial Cream

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I am very impressed by this lotion.


I received a sample of this some time ago and finally decided to use it. Now that I am in my menopausal years, my face develops dry patches. None of the lotions I have used lately brought back my youthful glow until I tried eb5. I love it! It is a little thick but spreads smoothly and absorbs well. My face doesn't feel dry 2 hours later as with most lotions. It doesn't clog my pores, and my makeup goes on nicely over it.


Allen Park, MI


eb5 facial cream... AMAZING!


The only reason I tried eb5 cream is because I received a free sample.  I was instantly blown away. The results were instantaneous.  I could see the fine lines & small imperfections blur upon application.  As I used it on my face and throat over the next few days (& believe me, I applied it sparingly, trying to make that sample last!)  I could see my skin improve each day.  The skin on my throat appeared firmer with fewer lines.  My face appeared and felt firmer, smoother and younger.  The cream itself feels light and soft.  I can say that I've used the same brand anti-aging cream for years now but that has changed. I switched to eb5 facial cream and continue to see improvement in the contours of my face and neck. The laugh lines are dimished, which gives me more to laugh about!  I promptly went out and found a retailer that carried eb5 and purchased a jar.  I think anyone who tries it will find the results are worth the cost. The cost is very comparable with other anti-aging creams out there and cheaper than a lot of them by a long shot!


Brighton, IL


Eb5 made my face feel amazing... will def be buying full size!


I received a couple samples of this eB5 face cream & was amazed at how it made my face feel... absolutely wonderful, smooth, & didn't remain sticky like so many products. I was excited because I can wear it at night & feel like it's getting the job done while i'm sleeping, but I can also wear it during the day under my make-up. I've already purchased the full size face cream & also their Eb5 lip plumper... waiting to get them in the mail & can't wait to start using them every day! I definitely recommend!!


Muldrow, OK


It's okay


I received a free sample of eB5 face cream.  It's touted as five products in one, and I think it does what it claims.  I think it has a nice texture.  It has a slightly  heavy feel, though, and it is somewhat slow to absorb into my skin.  The good thing is that you use very little - like the size of a pencil eraser - because it's kind of thick and heavy.  If you use too much, it tends to feel greasy.  I generally tend to go for a lighter feel to my face creams, but I've been using it religiously, twice a day, for the past week or so.  I haven't really noticed any changes to my skin, but it's also not causing any problems.  I have sensitive skin and tend to break out in rashes or even chemical type burns if I use too harsh of a product.  I think the product is of good quality, but just a little too thick for me.  I'm really an all-in-one type of gal and was hoping to use just one product for all my skin care needs. 


Papillion, NE


Eb5 Facial Cream Unscented


For appearance of Wrinkles, Crow's Feet, Dry Skin, Feathery Lips and Other Aging Symptoms. Perfect for Women of All Ages and Skin Types5 Creams in One JarWrinkle Cream Throat Cream 24 Hour Moisturizer Firming Cream Make-Up BaseMade in the USA Contains Vitamins A, E and B5 in a penetrating and nearly greaseless base Developed by chemist Robert Heldfond to moisturize and prevent wrinkles; ideal for men and women of all ages Reduces the appearance of fine lines and crow's feet; tightens the appearance of loose, sagging skin; hydrates dry and sun-damaged skin  and effectively keeps your skin looking young and healthy I am a devote user of Olay skin products, but EB5 Facial Cream has reformed me, find myself using this brand instead of the less expensive varieties of Olay products I also like the added A, E, and B5 in this cream, olay products do not add vitamins to their products, it's light but thick cream absorbs fast and does not clog pores or cause pimples which I sometimes have a few breakouts with Olay products, have been very pleased with this EB5 cream. It is also unscented which is nice when my skin is sensitive at times.


Rosamond, CA


eb5 Facial Cream is an miracle cream


eb5 facial cream creates an entirerly new look to your facial skin. It has given me the soft and silky facial skin of an woman in her 20's. In fact I don't think my facial skin has ever been this good! eb5 Facial Cream is like five different creams in one. It's an wrinkle cream,firming cream,make-up base also an throat cream and 24-hour moisturizer all in one product. It's well worth the money.


Sheboygan, WI


Great FREE sample set, Nice Facial and Eye Treatment samples!


     I got this Free sample on Friday and wanted to try for a few days before wasting anyones minute!      I am glad I filed in the simple form at: start with www.  then eb5.com/free/   You know links stop from publishing!    That's it.  In a few days you will recieve your sample.     No shipping and handling.  I will Never post or even PAY  myself for anything that says it is FREE.  This is a nice rich lightly scented cream.       It claims to be a wrinkle cream, Throat Cream, Firming Cream, 24 Hour Moisturizer and a make-up base... all in one.      It pretty much does the job, but I will bet it is going to be pricey, so HURRY and get your Free Samples while they last!.        It comes with two seperate creams.  Facial Cream and Eye treatment.  I DID notice that the eye treatment is great, especially for dark circles or puffiness.        You do not need much of the eye treatment, so it will last longer than the Facial Cream, and it definately lightened the not too dark circles under my eyes really good.  You only need a little bit.        Will try to fix scanner today. 


Venice, FL


eb5 Facial Cream

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