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Dynasty Mattress
Dynasty Mattress King Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

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Hard as a rock!


If you like a very firm mattress, you will probably like this one but it is too hard for us. It's like sleeping on the floor! Sleeping on your back makes my lower back hurt and sleeping on your side makes your shoulders ache. Firmness Too firm for me

Baden, PA


Never slept so good


I grow up as an army brat. So we always had army issued beds, or should I say army issued rocks lol. the army seemed to think that comfort was something that was just not needed. so as soon as i got my first real paying job i bought myself a brand new soft mattress. big mistake. i just could not sleep. my body had grown to love the hard slabs the army had forced upon us all those years. so then a few years back i got married and my husband and i were in search of our first matress together. well it turns out he loves a firm matress too. so i was on the hunt for a matress that was super firm but yet at the same time comfortable. i did not even know if they made such a thing. firm and comfortable?? well then a salesman told me about the King Delux, wow. it was everything we wanted. as a matter of fact i have had people housesit for us and when we come back all they want to know is were did we get that wonderful matress. it was worth every penny.

Miami, FL


Dynasty Mattress King Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

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