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Dr. Hauschka
Dr. Hauschka Toned Day Cream

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I have UNBELIEVABLY sensitive skin. I have tried dozens of moisturizers made for sensitive skin and almost all of them have irritated my skin. The few that didn't irritate my skin didn't moisturize it either. When I was planning my wedding I started to really stress about my skin.... which of course made it worse. I started having breakouts and everything I used caused pain and irritation. I went to Whole Foods and asked the folks there for recommendations. They recommended the Dr Hauschka line. The first time I put this moisturizer on my face I was completely amazed. For the first time I could remember my skin felt amazing after putting on moisturizer, kind of like everyone had always said it should feel!! Not only did my skin feel fantastic it looked wonderful as well. Literally from the first time I used it my skin looked a hundred percent better and it just kept getting better and better!!!




The Best Tinted Moisturizer Ever


I heard Jennifer Anniston used this cream and she alwys looks radiant and glowing. So when I went to my local Whole Foods and they had a tester I had to try it. It was fantastic. S I purchased a tube. I have never felt my skin so soft and smooth and seen it look any healthier. I am addicted and I CONSTANTLY get compliments on how great my skin looks. Love it and wouldnt dream of switching. I dont ever use foundation just the toned day cream is perfect.


Naperville, IL


Dr. Hauschka Toned Day Cream

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