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Diesel Only The Brave

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Strong and Sensitive


This cologne is definitely one of my favorites at the moment. It has a fruity odor combined with a woodsy smell, and a bit of floral scents intertwined. The bottle is quite deceiving in my opinion, because I expected a spicy "manly" stereotypical scent out of it. I was pleasantly surprised. Comparing this to some other colognes, I've had many complements and mini surveys saying this is a great one. I tend to put this on my right, and another competitor on the left and this wins the majority of the time. I typically wouldn't recommend this as your primary scent, because I've found it's a very popular one and I enjoy having something unique as my primary. If you're going somewhere that doesn't require you to stand out this is a great one to toss on. If you're a beginner to the cologne scene grab it and work your way out from there! For the ladies, this is a good gift idea. It's right in the middle between the "manly" smells he wants, and the "I want you" smells you want. I can't see anyone not enjoying this one. Good for suits or lumberjacks.

Beverly Hills, CA


You can count me as one of the Brave!


**Notes:**Lemon, Leather, Amber, Cedarwood. Here is another that I did not need to by but could not resist. Fun, fresh, and surprisingly different, Only The Brave is the perfect scent to offer an alternative to you favorites. In the beginning Diesel was not at the top of my list in regards to fragrances but with time t hey have come to make better scents with an individual appeal.  I must admit when I saw the bottle I thought that it would be a case of smelling an all to familiar scent BUT thankfully that was not the case!

Washington, DC


Diesel Only The Brave

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