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Snag a Great Deal!


I can't get enough of DermStore.com and its partner websites Blush.com and HairEnvy.com. It's like shopping at a beauty super store and the prices and products available are unbelievable and definitely unbeatable. When you first visit the website you can sign up to be on the email subscriber list and they will send you a coupon for $25 off you next order and they alert you of promotions and sales going on. Just the other day I snagged some Miss Jessie's Quick Curls for forty percent off. This product is amazing on naturally curly hair and DermStore.com is the only website I have ever seen it at a low price. You can shop on all three website and combine all the items you want into one order. Very convenient and the website is very user friendly and easy to navigate. They sell all the top brands at a fraction of the cost that you will find them on other websites. If you are looking for beauty supplies and want great prices, DermStore.com is a great website to turn to.



Top rated brands.Widest selection.


This retailer has the highest rated brands and a wide selection of them.When I first started using this website that was the most remarkable thing about it.The skin care products are really discounted and the most competitive prices for these top brands.Another feature of this website which helps me save even more money are the email coupons I get from the newsletter.They are really frequent.I can afford to shop here regularly because of those.My favorite part of using dermstore to buy anti aging and everyday products is the product finder.The products recommended through it always meet my needs.Sifting through all of the skin care products is always a headache for me and very confusing.I use the product finder every time I purchase something here.The product descriptions are really clear and explanatory.I know precisely what to expect from products I purchase.I have yet to return something.

Springdale, UT


Good store


My dermatologist recommended I look here for some facial washes that were in line with my vegan and cruelty free values. I was so happy that when I typed in vegan, they actually had products available specially formulated for acne pron skin, among other things like sunscreen and lotions. Some of the products weren't labeled vegan accurately though. Some things contained honey or lanolin which are animal products. Still though, its' nice that they can cater to a compassionate lifestyle. I actually didn't buy what I ended up getting off this site. They didn't have this dessert essence face wash and they REALLY SHOULD because it's amazing and has made my complexion so much better. It has all the ingredients my doctor recommended my facial wash have. And it doesn't kill your wallet either like some of those products. I swear, some face washes were like $40. Insane.



Calling all beauty divas! Gals with sensitive skin needs!


Just looking for a specialized dandruff shampoo and... WOW! My best deal came from **DermStore.com**, a classy, high-end source with with cosmetic and skincare brands such as *Skin Medica*, *Yonker*, *Jane Iredale*, *Exuviance*, *Glytone, Kinerase* and on... and on.  What a site! For those with ***special skincare needs***, **DermStore.com** features treatments for *acne, cellulite, keratosis pilarts, melasma*, and *rosacea*.  In the hair department, you'll find treatments for hair loss, the the kind of chronically itchy scalp that I have *and* many other quality, beautifying hair products. **DermStore.com** apparently loves to send samples and, if I can afford the usual the $36 for two ounces, I wouldn't mind ordering **Jane Iredale Dream Tint**.  Like all of the **Iredale**, cosmetics, **Dream Tint** contains no oil or talc and is "free of perfume, alcohol, chemical additives and artificial dyes". My **Dream Tint** sample came in the *Lilac Lightener* shade.  Although the *Lilac* looked sort of putty-ish from the tube, it spread well, evened out my skin tones and, since it *was* the *Lilac* shade, brightened and modified my sallow skin tones. My second sample, although available in a single, "universal" tone, made me look more day-glo orange than "youthful glow".  Hard to believe that, on my pale skin, **Pearlescience Pep Up Gel** by **Colorescience** had much of a role in "correcting the appearance of redness..." Described as a "translucent gel that corrects and enhances the complexion", **Pearlescience Pep Up Gel**, should be applied "to clean skin before applying other mineral pigments."  I found this substance more fluid than gel.  I would have had better coverage by applying it generously, but after half of a day-glo face, I held back. **Colorescience** may be credited to *Diane Ranger*, described as inventor of "the mineral makeup concept" in her **DermStore** bio.  Both the price (**Pep Up Gel** costs $85 per 1.19 fl. oz.) and my first go at a **Colorescience** product disincline me to think any more about it. Included in my package was the **Summer 2009 DermStore Catalog**, sleek and spare and elegantly designed except for the hard-to-read, pale gray descriptive paragraphs.  Color pictures depicted products by *Menaji, Laboratories Sluzern, Alison Raffaele*, and more.  I expect you divas know some, if not all, of these names. Whatever your budget, I expect that a good time may be had by all for those of you who check out this site.  Free shipping in standard mode.  And don't forget those samples!        

Los Angeles, CA



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