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Dell XPS M1710 Notebook PC

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Best Laptop I have ever owned!


My father started having troubles with the computer so he gave it to me. I reformatted the hard drive (I found he had infected it with a nasty virus) and fixed it up. It has run so well that I have even put upgrades into it. I have had no troubles with the computer and have been using it for everything from school to writing reviews on I have never had to take the computer into a computer repair store or repair it myself (aside from the virus my father got on it) and I have been using it since. Great computer. Ease of Use Windows XP makes the computer easy to navigate. The computer allows me to do things my earlier laptops couldn't even imagine doing because of its ease of use. Battery Life It tends to last two hours. The life of the battery itself is about 8 years. Support & Service I have never had to contact service on it. Speed/Performance I attribute this to my modification of the hardware but it performs very well and takes no time at all to surf the web. Design I love the design of this computer. My favorite part is the programmable led lights on the front and the XPS logos. Great look. Durability Has survived everything. From rain to drops this computer has seen it all.




good all rounder works well for home and office


fASt and sturdy machine althogh its heavy its a great relacemnet for a desktop. 8 usb slots means i can connect all the devices i want to it, screen has a wonderful image and is great to use for watching moives in the lounge or den.  If you like gadgets then this comes with some nice lights that lite up the side vnt and the lid, of which you can customise to any colour you want. Eveyone who sees it comments on its beauty,


North Las Vegas, NV


I would buy Dell Vostro 1710 all over again


From the moment we first hooked up our Dell Vostro 1710 we have been extremely pleased.  The 17 inch screen is fabalous, what a difference from the smaller sreens,  the webcam has come in quite useful with our granddaughter, we have been able to share her with folks all over the country who otherwise would not have the chance to meet her.  We picked this particular laptop because we were able to have WIndows XP installed instead of WIndows Vista, that along with the Dell reputation and the excellent luck we've had with two other laptops and our desktop were definitely an added bonus. The laptop is light enough that we use it frequently when we travel and it does not seem cumbersome at all. We have burned CD's many times and the quality of the burned CD's are excellent. We've not had a wireless card in our other laptops so this also was a nice addition especially not having to worry about forgetting the wireless card when we travel.  We are very pleased with this product and would highly recommend it .


Newark, OH


A very good computer.


Since getting this computer, I have been very impressed with this computer.  Of course, not everything is perfect and there have been problems, but not that many and they have been easy to deal with them.  One thing though (this does not bother me), if you want one that you carry with you, this is not the one.  If you want a laptop that  works alot like a desktop computer, this is the one for you.  You can carry it around, but it is kind of heavy.  But I would buy another Dell if and when I am buying a new computer. 


Sturgeon Bay, WI


only loved it for a minute


I loved my xps laptop for the first month that I had it...then before it was even paid off, it started running slow...keep in mind i;m only using this for e-mail and internet surfing...the mouse pad quit working after four months and dell refused to help me when i called to ask them about my extended waranty


Hollidaysburg, PA


Dell XPS M1710 Notebook PC

4.2 5