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Dell Vostro Laptop/Notebook PC

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Excellent sound, very clear.


My boyfriend gave me the Dell Vostro 2510 laptop as a gift knowing that I'm an Info Techie. At the time, I was designing web sites on the side and needed a better laptop (larger screen, harddrive, updated OS, etc.) to do the job correctly. I'm working on Windows 7 with all of the most recent software versions on this laptop, and love this laptop. I no longer even use a desktop, because everything I need to work is on my laptop. I no longer design web sites as a profession, although I will be using my Vostro to design my own company web site soon. (I am starting my own business.) Also, this laptop will be used to work on school work. (I will be going back to college soon, and will be taking my Vostro with me everywhere I go when at school.) My favorite thing about my Vostro, although a silly thing to most, is that the cover is red. I'm a redhead, and I feel that this laptop is a fit from a "looks" standpoint. My only complaint would be that the laptop can be noisy at times as the fan switches on and off. But it's not a big enough deal for me compared to all of the pluses this laptop offers.

Auburn Hills, MI


The vostro is a nice portable work station for doing business


The Dell Vostro is a good choice for a business laptop.  The laptop features a widescreen with a light weight body that still feels stable and well constructed.  The hinges on the screen feel stable and not flimsy.  The only problem I have had to date is some of the keys on the keyboard seem to stick sometimes.  The laptop shipped quicker than expected and I even ordered it during the Christmas season, it was a pleasant surprise.  The laptop came with both xp and windows vista, I chose to downgrade to windows xp since I had read people were having problems with windows vista.  The CD/DVD burner works quickly and very rarely has any errors.  For some reason the webcam keeps disconnecting itself from the internal usb port that it is connected to.  The computer runs fast while surfing internet pages and while opening multiple programs.  I upgraded to microsoft office 2007 which has been rather confusing but in the long run seems to be paying off.  For what it is worth this seems to be a reliable well built computer.

Denver, CO


Dell Vostro Laptop/Notebook PC

4.0 2