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Dell Studio PC Notebook

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4 years old and still tickin!


Bought this product in 2009 for school purposes. That quickly turned into school/gaming purposes. World of Warcraft to be exact. Even with the high demands to graphics and processor speeds, this computer has kept up. Computers, especially laptops have had a tendency to become obsolete for gaming purposes after a year or two. This one has stood the test of time...and abuse. I have four children, and 3 dogs at any given time in the house, all of whom like to run around and yank on stuff. I've had to replace the battery on it because of that, but ...in the computer's defense...it was yanked by a full grown doberman running around the house. Ease of Use So easy, came with windows vista, which I didn't mind...not nearly as much as I mind Windows 8. Battery Life The battery lasts a good long while in full use, it has lasted longer than expected for everyday use, being used ...pretty much all day. Support & Service Had to send it back once, but the warranty covered it and handled it with care and quickly. Speed/Performance Dual processor helps it to keep up with speed. Only problem I experience now is low frame rate in high graphic occasions. (gaming) For streaming video and other stuff like that it's perfectly fine. Design Sleek design, with smooth casing makes it not only perform well but look good while doing so. Durability I have a lot going on in my home, and specifically where I place my laptop, but it's still ticking.


Pasadena, TX


Dells are the best we've used.


Great to home and travel. Ease of Use Very easy to use. Battery Life We have to keep our plugged in or it dies in about 30-45 minutes. Support & Service I have listened to my husband many a time talking to dell support and always get very helpful advise. Speed/Performance No problem with the speed. Design It's great for sitting in your lap but would be nice if it were lighter and also, ours doesn't have a light that shines on the key board when using at night. Durability No problem there.


Kennesaw, GA


Great for home use


the Studio 17"  laptop is great to use at home, but not for travel.  Just too, bulky and heavy, so if your looking to replace your PC this would be the perfect replacement and portable.  Have had mind for two years and just now had to have some repairs done.  Love it,


Oneonta, AL


Dell Studio 17


Absolutely love this laptop.  I like the rich color, the size, and the number pad.  There were many colors to choose from.  It works great for my family and working from home.  The screen is nice and large.  It makes it easy to watch videos on too if that is what you choose.  The only thing that has disappointed me is the back where the top cover is connected has cracked.  I have read others having this issue as well.  It hasn't broken completely yet, but I'm sure it is a matter of time. If you don't move your laptop around a lot, this is a good choice for you.  It is big and bulky to move around a lot or take on trips.  I would recommend a smaller laptop in that case.  The battery seemed to last a couple hours when we first got it and now a couple years later it might last 20 minutes, which can be aggravating.  I would recommend this laptop, other than the cracking in the back.  It has worked great and been very nice.


Genesee, ID


My Dell Studio 17 has done me well.


The Dell Studio 17 is my first PC laptop. I have always been a Mac person, so it was a big change for me to go to a non-mac. I thought it would be a lot harder to do the things I was used to doing, but I was wrong. This computer is easy to use and I've had very little trouble with it. That being said, not long after I first got it I did need to take it in to get it fixed. I was getting "the blue screen of death" on a regular basis. I was able to use it by doing a safe boot then restarting it. I did a clean reinstall of the operating system and it has worked ggreat since then. One of the features I like best about this computer is the ten key pad on the side, not all laptops come with that and ultimitly that is why I went with the 17 inch screen.


Ann Arbor, MI


Dell Studio PC Notebook

4.4 5