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Dell Studio Notebook PC

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wonderful computer with a huge screen!


I would recommend this laptop to anyone! The size is great. It has a 17" screen and a 10-key on the keyboard. The screen is really clear and bright. Although I do not remember exactly what the specs are, this is a quick, easy to use computer that anyone can learn to use and quickly.

Ephrata, WA


I love my Dell Studio 1735 laptop.


I've had my Dell Studio 1735 laptop for just over one year. I'm online everyday (just about all day long). My prior computer was a Dell Desktop with Windows XP. There was an adjustment period switching from Windows XP to Windows Vista. Windows Vista isn't without some problems, but doesn't deserve all the criticism I've heard. The Dell online technical support team does a great job with any computer related issues. I'm usually not a believer in extended warranties, but I did just extend my warranty for 1 additional year because I find I use the technical support quite often and I don't want to have to start paying for the service on a per call basis. When I built my computer I added some features that I haven't actually used. For instance I have a webcam, but I don't have any friends with the same feature so there is no one to connect with via webcam. I also wish I had upgrade to the larger battery, because currently the fully charged battery only lasts about 1 hour.

Chicago, IL


Dell Studio Notebook PC

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