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Dell Precision M6300 Laptop/Notebook PC

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Just the one annoying issue...


Simple to use, large screen, good resolution...the only problem is the power cord actually falling out after a while. There are tiny pins inside the female end which spread after a use, loosening their grip on the power supply cord. This limits the use of the laptop, while charging, to a stable desk-type environment, so the cord will remain in contact with the laptop. It seems to me that a small change could make a big difference in this case. I have found through some research that this is a fairly common issue with Dell laptops, and yet the newer ones still seem to have this problem. Battery Life Only about 2 hours (though I normally have several windows open). Support & Service Dell generally avoids responsibility (has been my experience) Speed/Performance No complaints here Design I did not rate this category higher because of the cord issue. Durability The machine is solid, only the cord jack needs a re-design.

Ft Mitchell, KY


Not so great as advertised


Dell Precision M6300 I currently use this laptop for business purpose. Even though it comes with Windows XP Professional which is a very good thing, it does not live upto the expectations at all. I will like to mention a few things 1. Extremely heavy and feels like you are carrying a desktop all over again. I think I might have developed back problem becasue of this laptop. 2. Very pricey and I don't understand what's so much different in it..... 3. I have noticed recently that the computer has a lot of heating problem. I don't know why this has started but it definitely is a great concern. 4. It is very difficult to work on this computer if you are not going to work on a desk. Its weight makes you keep it on the desk and thus makes it ineligible to be called as Laptop. 5. Overall my opinoin about Dell Products is not so good due to the quality adn the reliability of the products such as this.      

Fremont, CA


I love my Dell Precision M6300 Laptop


I have had my Precision M6300 for several years now. I can use it for everything I need. I use it mainly for manipulating and color correcting my photos. It is fast and with the NVIDIA Quatro FX 1600M graphic card has great resolution, and I love the 17" screen. It has a built in slot for SD memory card which comes in handy. I also use it for design work, there for it has the Adobe Creative Suite installed on it. I can have many applications open at once, with not much slow down. It is actually more computer than what I need, and I wouldn't be afraidf to install the most complex software on it. It may be a bit heavy to carry, but I am very proud to pull it out of the bag and show off my photos. I get a lot of compliments about the quality and questions about the laptop. Everyone is impressed when they see how well I can move around. I have Windows XP Professional installed on it.If I were to buy another laptop, I would buy the same one again.

Plainwell, MI


The Precision M6300 is an excellent desktop replacment laptop


  The Dell Precision M6300 is an excellent chocie for those who would like a desktop replacement laptop. I have had mine for over a year and while it's not a gaming powerhouse system  it is wonderful for any business and modestly graphics intensive applications     It is a "Desktop Replacement",not a notebook. Not really for someone who travels a lot. It weighs over 8.5 lbs. If you were to work in multiple offices and go from one to the other it's a wonderful option. Trying to use it on an airplane or bus tends to be a bit awkward.     I've found it to bee a reasonable performer. Some of it's lack of performance can be attributed to limitations of Windows Vista. The discreet graphics card give it much better graphics performance than an on-board solution which will use a portion of your system memory to provide graphics memory.     As for peripherals, Optional fingerprint reader works satisfactory. Unfortunately Dell does not provide support for the 64-bit version of the Wave security suite that is included with the 32-bit software. My particular model came with a Blu-Ray / DVD / burner. It's an early implementation of a PC-based Blu-ray so the write speeds and performance leave it a bit lacking in my opinion. Make sure to get any firmware updates available.    Netorking and Bluetooth I have found to work extremely well with no hardware issues so far and above average range on both.    And it loks impressive too.

Romulus, NY


Dell Precision M6300 Laptop/Notebook PC

4.0 4