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Dell Notebook/Laptop PC

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Too many issues


I don't mind the Dell brand in general, but my Inspiron had many issues from a smoking power cord (replaced my laptop) to keys chipping and falling off from everyday use to the CD drive not working to the touchpad not working and rubbing raw and slow computer speed and pretty much every other error you can imagine. It was ok while I had it but I wouldn't buy another. Ease of Use It's ok to use I suppose. Battery Life My battery died most any time as soon as it was unplugged. Support & Service Dell support did help a lot with fixing my constantly broken laptop during the warranty period but the wait time was always super long. Speed/Performance S.L.O.W. Design Looks cool but falls apart quickly. Durability I don't think this computer knows the word.


Burke, VA


Tough little laptop


First of all this is one tough little laptop as I have dropped it quite a few times with it on and had no problems. The harddrive can be ruined if a computer is bumped too hard while turned on but this one just keeps on going. It is great as far as PC's go as I lean more toward Mac. It is upgradeable to 4gb ram and is a snap to install memory. Not too big and not too small it is just the right size to carry around without straining the eyes. The dell touch pad is great as it has scrolling capabilities to save you a lot of time. For some reason the touchpad driver has need updating acouple of time.This laptop is quite fast and with ram upgrades will handle the latest adobe programs like photoshop CS5. Mine came with Windows XP but I highly reccomend upgrading to Windows Vista. Keep al the drivers updated, do windows updates, get good virus and spyware protection, a good registry cleaner and you should be happy with your 1420 for a long time to come.


Granite Falls, NC


Average back when it first came out


I got the **Dell Inspiron 1420 PC Notebook** a long long time ago, probably 4 or 5 years ago. It was my first laptop, and back then, it was a high performing laptop. It had a good hard drive, nice silver tone paint, not that thick in width, and around the right size. The track pad was decent sized and all buttons were functinal. The screen was a black, grainy like screen that didn't have gloss like apple laptops have now. It was all I needed back then, a good laptop that could serf the internet well, plenty of memory space, and a decent price.    **The Pros**: Good sized laptop. Decent speakers and track pad. A very large screen. It was just an ordinary laptop that did its job. It still works, however, after 5 years of continuos work. **The Cons**: Now, its a really outdated laptop, no enough memory, very bad battery life, not a good screen, very heavy compared to other laptops now. The left clicker spring broke, but it still works (clicking is harder).  **Overview**: The laptop is now officially outdated, so I recommend getting a better laptop. It was an excellent laptop, but now does not fit the standards of daily life.


Los Angeles, CA


Dell Inspiron 1420


I am a big fan of dell laptops. I own dell inspiron 1420 and dell xps m1330. I usually recommend dell laptops to my friends. Among all the laptops that i have recommended till now this particular dell Inspiron 1420 has been the best laptop till now. I think the screen size is perfect, it is neither too big or small. It is portable and durable. Especially the battery has been the best part of the dell inspiron 1420. I have heard lot of problems associated with the dell batteries but this one had the most durable batteries i have ever seen from dell. I bought this laptop two years ago but it's battery is still in the perfect condition. Till today it works for about 3 hrs straight. This is the best part of this laptop. Unlike my dell xps m1330, this doesn't even heat up fast. Heat Sync is good too. The sound compared to xps is much louder in dell inspiron 1420. This laptop is still running smoothly and love this laptop. Though, it is getting old it's performance hasn't degraded. It is still in good shape. :)


Kirksville, MO


I own it since 2008


This is a great product.  I have been using this laptop since August 2008, when I bought it from Dell website.  I paid quite a few bucks when I bought it, since laptops were on the costlier side.  But I wanted a full powered machine, so I went in for the best configuration possible.    I did have issues with the graphics card, but after two years.  The GPU unit started overheating.  I discovered that my laptop had a faulty GPU from Nvidia, for which a lawsuit was pending.  I contacted Dell and they agreed to replace my laptop GPU for free, bless them.   The build is good, not too metallic, and not too plasticky.  The silver keyboard is very good, as you wont need backlight keyboard, if you are nt good at typing.   The battery life is good, and I have been blessed with a good battery, even after two years of heavy usage, (I use laptop for around 12 hours a day. ) it still gives me about 1.5 hours, when fully charged.


Birmingham, AL


Love it


I depend on this laptop for most of my needs, it's portable and powerful, I depend on this much more than my desktop, have had little problems with it, but I attribute that to proper maintenance, I have no complaints about this product from my perspective


Philadelphia, PA


Problems galore


I've had nothing but problems with this computer.  The speakers are horrible, it suppossed to have premium sound, not so.  You raise the volume and hear nothing but static.  I've sent if back 4 times, and been on the phone with customer support more times than I can count.  They always say we have to "trouble shoot" over the phone before I can send it back.  Everytime with do that they say there is nothing wrong with the system, etc... Everytime I send it back, it arrives at their location in the morning and they send it back to me in the afternoon, I seriously doubt they even open the box let alone turn on my computer to check it. I'm very unhappy with Dell!


Las Vegas, NV


This Laptop Rocks!


The Dell Inspiron Laptop is great for everyday home use. The speed is fast and internet is at top speeds. It is light wheight for carrying around the house or for travel. It has WiFi connection with built in web cam so its easier to talk to people. I have one myself and love being on it all the time. The key board is easy to use and the keys are easy to push. When trying to download files it takes mabye 5 seconds to download something. It is all around fast and easy to use and is ideal for anyone who is in need of a computer for entertainment. I personally am taking classes and the speed and convenience of vista is ideal for doing school work. Everything is right on the screen that you need and you dont have to go searching for anything. Though it may seem difficult at first to understand Vista and this laptop but after a few minutes of looking at it you will figure it out. Out of all the laptops out there I personally would recommend the Dell Insipiron to anyone.  


Gaylord, MI


I love it, its handy and so chick!


I truly love my computer! We all hear about the fuzz of having a mac but my inspiron 1420 from dell is always with me. Not to forget to mention you can show your perosnality by adding color! mine is pink! This dell product also comes with all the respectfull qualities of windows vista, webcam and goon network connection. Personally i think that every computer has slight problems but by adding my Macaffe anti virus i have not had any problems with my dell. It has good quality in sound but the webcam is not as great it could be better. The battery life is average but it has never been a problem to handle. This product responds greatly to flash, microsoft and others like adobee. It up to the owner to the size of memory you would like on the computer. The customer service is excellent plus having warranty is also really important. From close experience my aunt's dell was suffering from battery problems and the Dell had no fit to provide her a new one for free. It is very important to have a computer that pleases you in everyway and in the future will help you more than what you expect. i find this piece of equipment fabulous!


Chicago, IL


Slightly disappointed in this Dell laptop


I bought this laptop because I had had good experience with Dell computers in the past and really liked the customizable colors that were being offered (I got mine in Flamingo Pink). However, I've had a lot of problems with it. First, I couldn't connect to wireless internet for a very long time and spent hours and hours with customer service on the phone trying to figure it out. In the end, it turns out that my bluetooth could not be on at the same time so unless I'm syncing my phone I leave it off. Otherwise, the internet does not work. Also, the DVD-ROM drive is slow and noisy. When I am copying CDs to my iTunes, half of the time it stops working. This was very frustrating when I was first trying to load all of my music onto the laptop. It makes a terribly loud noise and often rips corrupted copies that skip. Lately I've noticed that my computer gets really warm so I only use it for a few hours at a time. It seems that the internal fan is not doing such a great job. When this happens, it also slows down in its function. There aren't really any positives that make this computer stand out above others. I have Vista on it which I like, I like the color, and the speakers being on above the keyboard and not on the underside of the laptop. It also has a built in webcam which is nice. Oh, another negative. The touch pad mouse sometimes has incredible lag in it and doesn't respond. I know this computer is a few years old already, but I have had bad experiences with it since I got it. I'm not sure if I will buy another Dell to replace it.


Pearland, TX


Dell Notebook/Laptop PC

3.8 23