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Dell Inspiron desktop computer

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Had lots of problems right away


I am very dissatisfied with this computer and with Dell. I had the same computer, a Sony Vaio, for 10 years but decided it was time to upgrade. I ordered this computer directly from Dell. I started having issues with it 1 week after getting it. First, a usb port in the back of the computer stopped working. Second, the keyboard stating missing keystrokes while I was typing. I went out and bought a new keyboard and still had the same problem. So, obviously, it is a problem with the computer. I called Dell and they told me that it must be spyware on my computer and I have to pay them to fix it. And that was something that my warrenty did not cover. The computer came with Windows Vista, which has Windows Defender which scanned my computer and says there is no spyware or viruses. Dell sold me a messed up computer. So, I will never buy Dell again!

Manassas, VA


LooksNice But Has Lots Of Issues


Ordered our Dell 537S Inspiron directly from Dell. It arrived about 1 week later. We got it setup, which was easy. It came with Windows Vista. We got a 22" wisescreen monitor and the picture is great. I thought we had just gotten a wonderful computer, but about a week after we started using it, we started having problems. First issue is that it comes with 2 speakers that are horrible. You can barely hear anything even when you turn the sound all the way up. Right away one of the usb ports in the back stopped working. If you plug something into it, it does not work. Then, the keyboard starting missing keystraokes. When I would be typing, on any website or email, it would miss letters and spaces. As you can imagine, it is very irritating. We went out and bought a new more expensive keyboard and it happened with that one also. So, we realized it was a problem with the computer, not the keyboard. When we called Dell, they said it was happening because we must have spyware on our computer and we have to pay them to fix it. They said that our warrenty does not cover that kind of thing. We are pretty careful with our computer so I really do not think that is the issue. Windows Vista came with Windows Defender and when we use it to scan, it says there is no spyware or virus on our computer. I think Dell is trying to get more money out of us. I think they sold us a piece of crap computer. How does it start having so many issues one week after purchase?! Dell refuses to help us in anyway, unless we give them more money. Not to mention, it is difficult to even get anyone from Dell on the phone. I sit on hold for 45 minutes, just to be hung up on. I will never buy another product from Dell ever again!

Woodstown, NJ


This is my fourth Dell Computer...I love them!


When I see the Mac-PC commercials on television, I always chuckle.  This is my fourth Dell computer, and I simply **would not** own anything else!  Although I am not a beginner, I still need some help to decide what I need and don't need.  Dell provides online or phone help so that your new computer will meet your individual needs.  Wonderful!!!  If a problem comes up, Dell provides online or phone assistance.  They'll even call you back to make sure everything is working ok!  With Dell's support staff, I chose the Inspiron 537S with the new Windows 7 operating system.  Wow!!!  This computer is smart!  It takes over installation (camera, printer, disk drive...) and handles it for me.  I love that...Email is simple, too.  I have all three accounts on one easy page.  IM is there, too, though I seldom use it.  The word processing program is simple to use, also.  I cannot think of anything that I don't love about the computer...except maybe that I had to pay for it!'s so great that even that isn't a negative.  Hahaha! And, this baby is *fast*!!!  I am sure there are faster computers out there, but this one gets me where I want to go quickly and with little effort on my part.  I would definitely recommend Dell to my friends and family.  Quality computers and competive prices (lots of sales and special offers) + great customer service, before and after the sale...why buy anything else?

Lubbock, TX


Dell Inspiron desktop computer

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