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Dell Inspiron Notebook PC

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It was OK until I added anything to it


This laptop was OK until I added anything at all to it, and then it was extremely slow, glitchy, and generally problematic. Adding any program, a toolbar, software, even just storing information on it caused trouble. When I added a google toolbar, everything went downhill fast! It constantly overheated and shut down, despite having additional cooling fans/pads. Having more than one window open at a time was a sure way to make it shut down. I had to have it completely wiped twice and it still had problems. Eventually I had trouble with the keyboard as well. I tried cleaning it, removing and cleaning and replacing the keys, but it the keys wouldn't enter the letter without holding it down for a period of time and waiting for it to go. Then it would do multiple letters and I had to backspace to get rid of the extras. At first it was just one key and later many. What a pain this notebook became! Support & Service it was just out of warranty when the problems were enough to do anything about.



Not the fastest out there


I have owned many Dell computers over the years. 1 desktop and 3 laptops. The desktop lasted me over 8 years. After cleaning out it's hard drive I was able to pass it off to my sister and she is still using it after a year. My Dell 1501 has been fairly reliable over the past 6 years. My daughter downloaded a virus to it and it was down for about a month. I called Dell support and within an hour it was up and running without an issue. I have since been using it full time for my genealogy research. I have dragged it half way around the country and it soldier's on. Speed/Performance It could use a faster processor. And the video card on it isn't the best. The video will crash periodically and there is no way to change the video card on a laptop without changing the entire motherboard.

Minneapolis, MN


My Dell Inspiron 1501 does what it needs to...


I received my Dell Inspiron 1501 for a Christmas present right before Vista was released; so I ended up having Windows XP (which was fine with me, I've since upgraded). My family's Dell loyal, we also got our Desktop from them back in 03 ,and it's still kicking, and we had a Dell 3-in-One printer/scanner/copier, and it was also amazing. I figured this laptop would rank up there with it. I am mostly pleased with this laptop, there's little bits and pieces that throw it from being perfect. It was relatively inexpensive which was a plus. I've gone through 3 power cords though. My battery died within the first 4 months of owning it, got that replaced along with a few other parts. I also had the clicking ability by tapping on my touch pad wear out pretty quick, along with the ability to scroll with the touchpad. Thankfully my Dad got me the extended warranty that STILL is in place until next year. Other than the few parts going bad, I've never had any problems. I've never had any problems with software being installed. I ended up upgrading the ram so I could install Windows 7. My DVD-R drive is still in really good condition. The only MAJOR issue I have with this laptop is Dell Tech Support. I usually end up contacting them via internet because I can't understand a word the Tech "pro" is saying to me. On top of that you can explain to them 20 times of what you know the problem is, and their answer seems to be "you should reformat your harddrive and then see if that helps". And sometimes it's like trying to pull teeth just getting your part ordered. All and all, I love this laptop. I just don't like the tech support that comes with it.

Northern Cambria, PA


My daughter wanted to trade her more expensive laptop for mine


I bought this computer for e-mail, gaming, and most of all because I am a church secretary.  Also, I homeschool my daughter, so I do research.  I am not very computer savvy, but this computer is very easy to use.  I have had no problems at all with it.  One thing I changed when ordering it from Dell was the Vista programing that usually comes on this computer.  You can choose to have Windows XP installed instead.  I have friends that have problems with Vista so I did not want to experience that.  My daughter has a more expensive Dell laptop and she wanted to trade with me because she liked mine better. I said NO.  This is a great computer for a great price.

Mc Calla, AL


Great Laptop For Traveling and for hotels


I really Like my Dell laptop.  I took it with me on vacation when I went back home to visit my family and it came in very handy to check my email, and my bank account to see the acticity in my accounts because I was also traveling to local places for fun, and spent some money, so I had to monitor it.

Florence, AZ


Glad I got this


I had wanted a decent laptop for awhile - my husband surprised me with this for my birthday and I love it.  My main concern was NOT having Windows Vista as the operating system, and this was available with XP so that was a plus.  I have had minimal issues, nothing that has required more computer knowledge than I have.  Am enjoying this very much

Melbourne, FL


Great laptop


My husband and I both got one of these computers for Christmas and they are great. I have online classes and I have plenty of space to store my assignments and pictures and whatever else I want. I am very happy with the performance of this product. It came with Windows Vista and it works great. easy to understand and with 'internet protected mode' on, it will ask before it downloads anything. Which is great because my last computer had a virus that was pretty much impssible to get off. I have the weather on my desktop and I can search from the desktop with Google Desktop. I have yet to have a single problem with it other than it can be a little slow with games, but I'm not a big gamer and the battery life is short, about an hour to hour and a half, depending. Still, I like it and would recommend it to others in the market for a laptop.

Milledgeville, GA


Love it


I bought this Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop to be used at college and I am very happy and satisfied with its preformance. I can do everything I was doing when using my desk top computer. Price was right and has a fastactic warrenty........................................

Chico, CA


Magnificent product


I bought this computer last year.  I am very pleased with it.  The only thing I have problems with is that when I am in a seminar for college it doesn't like to type very well.  I don't know if it is the computer or the internet.  This has a real nice screen and very nice laptop.  I bought my sister one and she really like it as well.  If I have problems Dell support is always there to help.  I would by a Dell computer again.  It is nice and I take it with me when I go on vacation and sometimes to work when I am running late on my assignments for school.  This wasn't that expensive for everything I got with it.  I would recommend it to anyone.

Muskegon, MI


Very strong customer service


I wanted another desktop computer but thought that a laptop would save us the space and the wires, therefore I started looking at laptops that match desktops in quality and versatility and found that this inspiron offered almost all what I needed at a price between desktops and laptops, besides I can carry it to places when I need to although it is a bit heavier than the notebook. Dell customer service are great on top of that!

Bethesda, MD


Dell Inspiron Notebook PC

3.8 108