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Dell Inspiron Notebook/Laptop PC

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Still Using It


Overall, it has been a great laptop. I have had it for over six years and it is still going. It is big and heavy, but otherwise has out lasted some other electronics. It helps if you have any knowledge on reformatting, keeping the unit cool, and rewiring the jack. Ease of Use Out of the box there was no problems, nothing extra to install, and just turn it on and go. It is nice when you can just enjoy a new device without a bunch of configuring or activating. Battery Life Compared to today's batteries it is bad, but it was good for it's time. Now the battery does not work at all, but it lasted a good five years. Support & Service I never had to use it and that is the best support I can think of. Make a product that does not need support and your customers will be as happy as can be. Speed/Performance I did not get the high end model, but it was plenty fast for my needs. I scanned many pictures and documents into this machine and it handled it just fine. At the end I needed to reformat and I went with Linux, so it runs better now. Windows is like running with an elephant on your back. Design Very good, but a bit heavy. Of course newer machines are much lighter. I like the keyboard. It has a good feel unlike new models with mushy keyboards. This one has very defined keys which is nice if you know how to type. Durability Not meant for hard falls, it's a laptop not a ball. But otherwise is built well, does not come apart, no cracking, and can handle it's own weight.



slow, and not very strong.


This computer was three feet off the ground, and it fell, and the screen shattered into a lot of peices. It is terrible how easy it broke, none of my other laptops have ever had any of these issues before. It is also a slow computer that takes a long time to log on and off.

Portage, MI


The Dell Inspiron 2200 Notebook is a winner


This is my 5th or so year with the Dell Inspiron 2200 Notebook and it's still going strong.  I needed a laptop when I went into college, so I chose this one.  My decision came from the fact that I would be doing programming and very light, non-intensive processing, making this machine the perfect fit.  This machine ended up being relatively cheap too considering I got a four-year warranty with it. Now to be fair I have had my share of problems with this laptop.  I've had to replace the palm rest, motherboard, and LCD frame, but Dell's service is top notch.  I've had them both send a service technician out to repair parts on my machine as well as sending me the parts to do it myself.  Dell also gives manuals to its machines so their users know how to take apart their machine (doesn't void warranty either!). Overall this notebook has been though hell, but Dell's replacement policies have made bearable and I am able to type up this review on this very notebook today.

Blacksburg, VA


Reliable, Easy, and Good Service for my laptop from Dell


My Dell Laptop Experience   I have had my Dell laptop for 4 years now.  What I love about the laptop is the convience of moving it where I want to work.  I have MS and sitting at a computer would be difficult for me, putting it on my lap is a real help. I espically like how I can do my accounting on Money and my church accounting on Quickbooks.  Also being able to download pictures from my camera is so much fun. I am able to crop, fix and copy at my own pace. Dell has always been there for me when I have had problems, they have replaced parts and actually being able to take control of my laptop (with my permission of course) they are able to fix hardware and software problems for me. My grandkids love playing games while sitting in Poppy's chair of course.  I can unplug the laptop and let it run on the battery which gives them enough time to play without being on it forever.  My oldest grandson loves dirtbiking, so gets a real challange when dirtbiking games.  He is 8 years old. Whether playing games, doing accounting, e-mailing, or using Mirosoft Word, the convience of this Dell laptop work perfect for me.  

Minot, ME


i wold be lost without my Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop!


**I purchased my Dell Inspiron 2200 Laptop computer about 4 years ago. At that time, I knew absolutely nothing about computers. i had been using a "Webtv" system to get on the Internet,write emails, make online purchases,etc. I found that there were certain websites that I could not access from the Webtv, so I purchased a Dell Inspiron 2200, so I could do more things online.** **I had just purchased a Dell laptop for my college daughter,and was quite happy with it, so I called Dell and talked to a sales agent who asked me my needs and told me what to purchase. Since I knew nothing about computers at the time, I did not need a "top of the line" system. I did not care about the speed of the processor, so I decided to get a Celeron. I also knew that i was getting internet service through Verizon, so it didn't matter that the computer would run a little slower than one with a faster processor.** **Although my Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop computer has had a few problems (I needed a new power cord and it needed service for a minor problem), I have been quite happy with  my  purchase.** **I'm also glad that I decided to purchase an extended warrenty, because the warrenty covered the service it needed. I did not have to pay to ship it back to Dell and it was sent back in two days and has worked well ever since. My only problem is that it "boots" slowly and takes a while to load.** **I would truly be lost without my Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop!**          

Rio Grande, NJ




Well let me say.  the dell inspiron 2200 is garbage.  the hard ware in it is crap the.  the wire less card in it goes in and out .  so the wireless net is un reliable.  the battery does not hold a charge.  i mean it will only holde a charge for 30 minets. 

Salem, OR


Good laptop from a reliable source


The Ispirion 2200 is a solid laptop with all the features you expect from del. The computer is a solid but for any one needing a laptop in a reasonable price range. I use the laptop for both work and pleasure (gaimng) and have not had any software compatability issues in 3 years

Whiting, IN


Dell Inspiron Notebook/Laptop PC

3.6 7