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Dell Inspiron 570 PC desktop computer

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Durable and dependable, no repair in 6 years!


Performs as expected. I've had this PC for 7 years now with only minor issues during the last year. Ease of Use No tech. issues I couldn't fix myself. Hardware Quality I've had this PC for over 7 years! I've upgraded it by replacing the CD burner to a DVD burner, but no major issues. Support & Service The reps at Dell have always been there for me, during the pruchase and if I had any questions after pruchase. Helpful people. Durability I've had this PC for over 7 years. What does that tell you! Design Typical design. I'd like to eventually get an all-in-one compact without the big heavy tower. Performance Dependable and durable beyone expectations.


Fort Lauderdale, FL




I had a dell computer before this one for over five years and absolutely loved it. I never had any problems and i told myself, the next computer i bought would be a dell also. Well i'm sure glad i ordered this computer here. I can't believe how fast this system is. It has so much on it and even if you have many tabs open it is still amazingly fast. I also love the new windows 7 operating system on this. It is so easy to use and this system also has alot of the icons already displayed, so it makes it easier to find what you're looking for. I would highly reccomend this desktop computer system to anyone. Don't let the lower price fool you, because with my past experience with dell and my experience so far with this desktop, you can't beat a dell..


Bakersfield, CA




Hello, I bought this computer on Black Friday for a great deal which was a while ago. This computer is nothing but great ! I mean I literally love it. Its well built and has so many finctions. It also came with free kasperky anti virus 2011 ! This computer is nice and has more usb ports than your standarized pc. Its easy to work with, itss just that setting up internet can be quite a hassle. This came with warrenty so I guess thats good. Customer service for this is horrible because your always on hold so know what your doing before you do it to your pc. This is a great value well for me it was. The manual is really confusing though. This desktop is great and easy to turn on and you can do it with the click of a button. Only bad thing is that it is sometimes an erery hog taking bunch of power.


Waverly, NY


A Great Computer


The Dell Inspirion 570 PC Desktop computer is a great computer if you are willing to spend the money. The price of the computer justifies the effectiveness of the machine. It is a very reliable machine and is of a great value. It has a lot of features, and, for the money, you could not ask for a better machine. It is a good computer for bothplaying computer games and doing work. The only problem is that the Customer Service (CS) is complete garbage. It is really hard to understand. When it comes to Dell computer, specifically Inspirons, I would not reccomend them, however this machine is a great choice for someone who is looking to replace an old machine, to get started on working with or on computers or someone who would just want a base computer and learn how to fix, maintain and modify their own personal computers.


Palos Hills, IL


Great quiet computer!


I bought this dell inspirion 570 from the dell outlet. It came with both a VGA output and a HDMI output, which is perfect because I was planning to watch some digitalized movies on my big screen TV from the computer. The onboard video card ATI HD 4200 was powerful enough for me to play some low end games and also view HD movies on the internet. The computer itself is not very bulky, and it runs very quietly. The thing I like about the 570 is that it offers the AMD line of processors, which is usually a little cheaper than the intel processors in the same price range. Upgrading components inside the computer was easy as the case could easily be dissembled and put together again. Whenever a problem arises, It is always easy to just call Dell customer service and give them the service tag number and they will have all the information about the computer ready to help.


San Diego, CA


Good stuff


You make think that desktops are dead and laptops is where it is at but according to me desktops have their place and I would still need one to get me through the day. Dell is one of the biggest computer companies and with that what they provide is quality products and great service so you really cannot go wrong with buying a dell computer. What I like about the inspiron is the value for money that you get. It a great computer for a great price. It is extremely reliable and you don't to worry about it breaking down on you. I also love Windows 7. Vista was an incomplete product and Windows 7 built on its flaws and is a very steady and good operating system. So if you are looking for a good desktop, this is it.


Columbia, MD


This Dell is great!


First, this computer holds alot of memory (8GB) although it came with 4GB). The AMD hard drive is large and I have 6 accounts along with a Virtual version of Windows xp Professional Edition.  The Main account holds Windows 7 Professional and I can't wait to try Windows 7 Ultimate which this computer has the capabillaties to hold..  This computer also was shipped with a Dell Moniter which was included in the price.  The price was very reasonable too.  This compute also came with a lot of assorted softwre including Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit version. I would absolutley reccommend this computer to a friend looking to purchase a new Dell Computer.


Philadelphia, PA


This is a great computer


I have been a fan of dell products for a while. I have noticed that the computers seem to last a rather long time then most. I bought a laptop from them when I was in college and had a lot of luck with it. I still have it today but it runs a bit slow as it is now 7 years old. I work from home so I needed a new computer that would be reliable for me so I could do my work on it. I searched the Internet looking for something that was in my price range. I found the inspiron which was a nice pink color. I really liked the look of it and it had a huge monitor that came with it as well. I decided to purchase the computer and received it two weeks later. I have now had the computer for over 2 years and have had no problems with it. It runs great and I really love it.If you are looking for a computer that is within a great price range I would take a look at dell products. They seem to run for a long time and you will get your moneys worth.


Columbus, OH


Wow- what a processor for the price!


I bought this computer because I have recently begun a photography business, and I needed a computer with a fast processor and a lot of memory-- plus space to upgrade-- for my work. I was also certain that I didn't want a Mac, because (especially just starting out) I didn't want to have to re-purchase all my photo-processing software. After literally weeks of research, we settled on Dell's Inspiron 570. We have always had great luck with Inspiron computers, and with Dell in general, and this was no exception. I can't believe how much faster everything loads on this computer than on either my husband's or my laptops, and wow, the space! I can add a Lightscribe drive, more RAM, a second hard drive, and pretty much anything else I need, so it's perfect! A side note is that it runs Windows 7, which I find to be ironically more like a Mac than any previous Windows system, but that's great for me. This computer is a keeper, and it will be ideal for business purposes for several years.


Oklahoma City, OK


Dell Inspiron 570 is a good gaming system.


This system was purchased to replace the old Dell. It has the features needed for game play and was easy to setup. Most systems owned by the family are Dell so that was what we loolked for. It has been in use for a few months now with no problams with the system. Windows 7 came preinstalled and has been a solid OS. Hardware has not been a problem but then rarely is for a Dell. The systemis in use fpr 12-14 hours each day. Hardware problems have not occured at all (except got the dog eating a cable.) I would recommend the system for home or business use.   The graphics card in the system has been great for gameplay. The speed of the processer has not caused any lag in games loaded on the system. Online play cannot be reviewd since none has been done.  Movies played on the system are clear as is the sound quality. The system has been used for gameplay, word processing, and internet with no problems caused by the system.  


Big Spring, TX


Dell Inspiron 570 PC desktop computer

4.8 16