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Dell Inspiron 15.6" Laptop (iM50303413B3D) PC Notebook

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Mom's Laptop


Dell is kind of a fuddy duddy brand but they make good-enough laptops at a decent price. Dell was actually the only laptop brand my mother knew (besides Apple) when I asked her what kind of laptop I should get her. I did not try to dissuade her, and this Dell Inspiron does what she wants to do on the web, browsing crafts sites and receiving photos of her far-flung grandkids. I suspect the battery life is not as advertised, but she always uses it when plugged in to the house current. It's not fancy, but it does get the job done Ease of Use My mother has no difficulty, after I tutored her for a bit. Battery Life She does not use the battery, but it was good when I tested it. Support & Service Dell support was aces when we had a bobble setting up the laptop. Speed/Performance The Inspiron handles video with no problems and it loads web pages very fast. Design This is a ho-hum design, but that's OK for mom. Durability So far there have been no problems. Should last a long time.


Stockton, CA


love the laptop


I decided that it was time to retire, well give to my mother, my old laptop and get a new one. I decided to purchase the Dell Inspiron 15 M5030.I looked around for awhile to buy this computer and I'm glad I did. At first, the battery life was very good, probely a 7 hour battery life. I haven't had this computer very long and the life of the battery has gone way down. It now has about 3, 3 1/2 hours.With this part of the computer I am disapointed. The webcam works well and is easy to use. This is a great alternitive to use instead of a plug and play webcam that I used for my other computer. It has been a great way for my to be able to talk to my long distance boyfriend. The picture is great and is still bright in the dark. This computer is ligth weight and easy to travel with. The keyboard is comfortable to use. Sadly, every now and than for some reason my curser doesnt want to work. Thankfully my mom has a mouse that I can plug in and use. When this happens I shut down the computer ( I have my settings that when I shut the lid it goes into hibernation) and a few min. later I can restart it, and it than works again.


Brookville, OH


dell laptop


just recently purchased this dell insprion laptop it is really a very nice machine so light so up to date so eady to use i cant see me doing without it at all i uesd a desktop before an wanders why i havent had one of these before iam very satisfied with it in all ways possible


Windsor Locks, CT


The Dell desktops are great so the Laptops have to be Awesome!


I have been using a Dell desktop computer for a long time now and it is a very reliable computer, so I know this Dell Laptop would be a very reliable, easy to use, and also be very lightweight machine.


Harrodsburg, KY


Love my Dell


I currenty own a Dell laptop. I love it I bought it due to the candyman commercial advertising the price of the dell machines for 500 each. I bought mine for 425 because I bought it straight out of the manufacturers website so I was able to get custome made features. I got a very simple machine and chose the simplest plans like the battery life had from 4 shells to 9 shells I chose the 4 shells which usually lasted 2 hrs of mobile time. I love my Dell because it was my first college laptop and it was for my own personal use. It is not hard to maintain and it has never broken down on me and im an engineering student on my third year and I install countless massive design programs onto my computer it only freezes on me about 5 times in three years which I am glad for because dealing with so much memory files most computers tend to freeze but mine I have been fortunate to not have frozen on me on an important task.I totally recommend it for college use or high school use for business use I would recommend alienware.


Inglewood, CA


Dell Inspiron 15.6" Laptop (iM50303413B3D) PC Notebook

4.8 5