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Dell Dimension desktop computer

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Do not purchase any Dell products you will be disappointed


I have had the Dell Dimension B110 for about 4 years now and I give it a 2. the reason I give it a 2 is because it does ok functionally. The keyboard is the worst I have ever used (I replaced a Micron with the B110). The Micron keyboard worked flawlessly everytime I used the computer. With the B110 keyboard I have to make sure I have the shift key depressed (hard) while typing otherwise it will not make the capitol letter where I want it. The computer itself is ok there have been times when I want to play a card game on the PC it will crash after 3 or 4 games. As a result I have to do a hard boot (turn off the PC and turn it back on) I could not use the mouse to reboot the PC. Everything literally froze could not do anything I even waited a few minutes and overnight to let work itself out but in the end I still had to do a hard boot. Some large programs tend to slow it down so I have to remove the programs and use another PC at the University to complete the tasks I need to have done. For basic things such as surfing the internet and doing searches it works fine and performs well. In all I would suggest getting another PC for your computing needs. I would strongly suggest getting a Mac computer Apple makes the best computers out there.

New Albany, IN


My Dell Dimension still works great!


I bought my Dell Dimension B110 about 4 years ago. It is now obsolete by today's standards, as happens with all computers, but it still works great. Even 4 years later I practically have 0 problems with it. Sometimes I'll have problems with my web browser or other software, but I never have problems with the computer itself. Gone are the days of computer crashes, blue screens, cryptic error messages and automatic reboots I frequently had to deal with when I had my old computer. The ONLY problem I can honestly say I have is that the front cover doesn't stay on so well anymore, which is a really minor inconvenience. Though it is now behind the times on memory, speed, and performance, my Dell Dimension B110 still works great 4 years later!

Phoenix, AZ


Dude your Getting a Dell!


I have had my Dell Dimension B110 for 3 years now. I am a heavy compuer user and have ran 10-15 applications simultaneously, i have streamed HD Video to my PS3, Burnt DVD's in no time and it has just kept on going. I really have to give Dell a lot credit. I'm a network adminstrator and chose Dell for all of my office computers (20 in all). I've had some of them for almost 6 years now and never have any problems. I knew Dell was a good brand, but i can't believe how long their pc's last. I suppose some of the credit has to go to the Intels and other companies that manufactured and designed the components that make up the computer. I do know that you can get other computers out there with similar specs as the Dells, but for some reason they have products on them that seem to go bad after a few years. I've had more then a few eMachines that had all kinds of issues. I'd fix the power supply just so the motherboard could crap out a week later. I say get a dell and foget about it.

Raymore, MO


i could have done better than a dell B110.


**There are times when this computer becomes completely lethargic and seems to be disconnected from the real world. But for most of the applications for which i am using it, it is adequate. in hindsight, i would have prefered a faster computer with more storage capacity.**

Chandler, AZ


Dell Dimension desktop computer

3.5 4