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Dell 15.6" Inspirion Touchscreen Laptop with Intel Core i5 Processor, 6 GB Memory, 1 TB Hard Drive and Windows 8.1 - Silver


Easily navigate media, web content and more with the Dell 15.6" Inspirion Touchscreen Laptop with Intel Core i5 Processor featuring a 15.6" high-definition touchscreen display that simplifies use and offers clear images with rich detail. The 1TB hard drive provides ample storage, and the Windows 8.1 64-bit processor ensures superior performance.

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Great computer!


This computer is very fast compared to others I've seen. It has enough space on it for the average college student. Downside is that it can be kinda heavy when walking and it gets hot easily.


Cincinnati, OH


I would buy this product again.It is fantastic.


My dad bought to me dell laptop when I passed my last year exams with high marks. So,he bought it to me because I love technology very much especially programming and this laptop is suitable for programming. This laptop is special as it has a comfortable keyboard and lightweight. Also,is battery life is long . It is poweful laptop and very fast. Its only disadvatage that his sound is not good enough. The laptop is very good in web processing and in playing games. Since my dad bought it to me and I work on it the whole day. In my opinion this laptop is from the best laptops aslo dell is a good name in laptops world. In addition to, his price is suitable for many people. I would recommened this to any one.






We purchased this laptop for our children to use for homework. We have three middle school/high school aged children and our school doesn't supply one to one computers. I like the easy start up with the touch screen, this is easy enough that a computer novice can use this on a daily basis with no problems. This computer gets a workout nightly. I love the long charging battery, even after several hours of homework. there is still enough battery for me to use. The computer advertised 7 plus hours of battery life, and I can verify that we have used the laptop at least that long on a full battery. The cord is longer than any I have seen, this is great for times when we need to charge and use at the same time. We have also used the built in webcam to Skype with relatives, never having any issue with that either, it is a steady, clear picture and the sound is clear coming and going without the need of an additional microphone or speaker. Although we do not save a lot of information, the storage capability is more than the average person will use, allowing for documents, photos as well as music downloads. This Dell Inspiron Touchscreen Laptop was a great investment, a quality product that is easy to use.




Dell 15.6" Inspirion Touchscreen Laptop with Intel Core i5 Processor, 6 GB Memory, 1 TB Hard Drive and Windows 8.1 - Silver

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