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Delightful Deliveries

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Delightful Delights in the Mail


I really love this gourmet foods site because they feature great gift basket collections, gourmet food and fresh flowers.  You will find high quality snacks, chocolates and other sweet treats online to deliver to family and friends.  They feature fresh baked goods, coffees, teas, and spa treats.  I love that they have baskets for every budget, and each set is presented in an elegant way to delight any of your recipients.  I love the snack baskets that feature treats like fruits, nuts, fudge, pretzels, and lots of chocolates and crunchy snacks like caramel corn.  Many of the gourmet baskets feature high quality wines and decadent treats.  This is a great shopping site for all kinds of gourmet foods and each of their products is truly a delight.


Las Vegas, NV


Best place for gift baskets & gourmet gifts


I've been using Delightful Deliveries (www.delightfuldeliveries.com) for many years and have always loved their products.  They have a huge selection of fine gift baskets including gourmet, bakery, fruit, snack and chocolate baskets.  They also have wonderful cakes, cookies, brownies and other sweets.  The website is easy to use and is layed out nicely.  Customer service is above average.  Highly recommended!


Port Washington, NY


Delightful Deliveries

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