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DeWalt K Cordless Drill

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Exceptional performance


"I've had a Craftsman 19.2v for about 6 years and it bit the dust. I wanted a powerful drill that I can rely on that wasn't too heavy (for the occasional (yearly) hurricane shutter hanging. ) I was bit skeptical of this 12v after having my previous 19.2v drill, after I got it to test it out I did a similar task that I've did with my other drill, driving tap-cons into a pre-treated 4x4. I could not believe the difference, with my old drill I really had to lean into it to drive in the screw, with this one I attempted to lean in (not knowing the power) and nearly fell into the 4x4 as I buried the head of the screw into the wood. I am very impressed!" It has been a great drill. It comes with a three year warranty and I believe a one year service warranty which I felt was a great deal overall. This drill has performed every time I've needed it. The battery life has been great. I would highly recommend any serious handyman or weekend warrior to go out and get one.

Lexington, KY


DeWalt K Cordless Drill

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