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DeLonghi Gelato Ice Cream Maker

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DeLonghi Gelato GM6000 is great


This gelato maker is great and i've owned it for a good month or two so far and have no complaints. It does what it is made to do like a champ and i've has no problems with it. If you tend to waste a lot of money buying ice cream this machine will save you a good amount of money and can be something fun to do with your family in the process as I know kids love making ice cream and it lets you experiment with it to make many different types...can't really go wrong and might find a nice combination of things to make the perfect ice cream for you and the family. It comes with a nice booklet that has many basic recipes if you are unsure how to start and while I have not checked myself I assume you could search the internet for other recipes people have found and has success with.


Grand Prairie, TX


Review of DeLonghi GM6000 gelato maker


This gelato maker is wonderful.  We've owned the machine for about 6 months and completely stopped buying ice cream from grocery stores because the GM6000 is so easy to use and makes better gelato/ice cream.  So far, we have experimented with sugar free ice cream (made with nutra-sweet), frozen sorbets, and several flavors of gelato.  All have been wonderful. The machine comes with a nice little book that has many basic recipes.  These serve as a good stating point although we normally modify them by omitting the raw egg and adding one tablespoon of liquor or vanilla.  A little alcohol seems to prevent the leftovers from freezing quite so hard when stored in the freezer.  Sometimes we get a little butter on the dasher by omitting the egg (the egg helps emulsify the cream), but this can be minimized by going lighter on the cream and using lower fat milk in the mix. Our favorite so far has been freezing egg nog straight from the carton with 1 tbsp of rum and a bit of nutmeg.  Mmmmmm.


Spokane, WA


DeLonghi Gelato Ice Cream Maker

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