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Red Wine
Darioush , Red Wine

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Darioush is a Monster Red


Darioush Wines are from Napa California. They are extremely well made and appeal to serious wine drinkers. Everything I've tasted from Darioush has been on the big & lush side. From reds that will hold up to grilled meats to whites that can handle butter and cream sauces they should be tried by people who tend to like New World fruit forward style wines.  

Clifton Park, NY


Darioush-mixing old school and new school and getting it right!


 Our visit to the Darioush winery was incredible.  Picture a Perisian style mansion in the middle of Napa Valley and you got heaven.  Sitting in front of the open fireplace sampling the house wines and have the hospitality host, Dave Robbins, ease you through the history of the winery is something everybody should do. The signature Shiraz stood out from the rest. It was very easy to enjoy and was smooth.  The price was very reasonable for what you were getting.  I highly recommend it for all to see wine making break from the norm! 



Darioush , Red Wine

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