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Beaulieu Vineyard , 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon

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Beaulieu Vineyard is a perfect wine when elegance is what I want


Beaulieu Vineyard wines have just the right taste. It is not to tart and the smooth taste can be enjoyed for various engagements. I am a wine lover and have tried several other wines and I must say Beaulieu Vineyard wines have become my favorite.

Cincinnati, OH


Solid mid level well balanced Cabernet


This is one of my favorites year after year .just the right balance of tannins and the oak is subtle unlike alot of california cabs which hit you over the head with gobs of fruit and wood.nice acid backbone and lingering finnish , goes great with food .highly reccomended

Plattsburgh, NY


On the EllenStarr wine score this gets a 92


  Having had this wine on numerous occasions, with or without food, I find it consistenly enjoyable. It is excellent paired with fish, meat, pasta and just by itself. Finding this wine has not been too difficult and I might recommend your local wine stores. I like to look for wines online just by doing a search (google being my favorite). Keeping the wine at the proper temperature and then letting it breathe before drinking only adds to its flavor. I love the fact that it is full bodied, full of flavors, complex, not too acidic and has such a nice long finish. I especially enjoy sharing this wine with good friends and family, i.e Mark McQuade, Bruce Porter and Kevin Schwanz. Reports of the wine from the above are all very favorable.  

Sanibel, FL


Beaulieu Vineyard , 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon

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