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Dappi Diaper Cover

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these were just a horrible purchase decision


I really really wanted to like these cost effective covers and they just wouldn't work, no matter what I did. They don't stay on, they don't fit well at all, which is crazy when the fitteds fit well so I guess the design is different for the covers. maybe snap ones would stay on better, but the hook and loop just sucks on the hook and loop ones. even if you get them to stay on (i resorted to pining them on one day) they still leak like crazy. maybe a different shaped baby would work in them, but my chubby lo just couldn't use the covers. I really like the Dappi pinless cloth diapers and was suprised by how little these have in common. By contrast these don't work well, leak often and the large which is suppose to be 22-35lbs hardly fits my 24lb son. My son also continuously tries to take these off, which is a comfort issue that he does with the gerber wrap type covers also, but not with kushies or proraps. After being so impressed and thrilled about the pinless diapers I was really let down by these covers. With this one you get what you pay for, they are cheap, but to have workable diapers covers from these you would to do some serious modifications.

Columbia, MO


Dappi covers are great covers for the price!


When I bought dappi pinless diapers to try as my first cloth diaper experience I was not happy with the diaper itself. I bought 5 covers to use with the diapers and was very very pleased by the quality of the covers. They have netting inside layer for keeping evrything in place and lets everything breath better rather then sitting right next to the nylon. I also liked that the velcro tabs were very large allowing for a perfect fit. They had nice leg gussets to hold in nasty messes and we never experienced a blow out with these. They are trim and comfortable with a fabric outer layer. You can get these in prints also to enhance the visual appeal. With the velcro being larger then normal I did not worry about them "popping" loose when my son sat down or moved the wrong way as some other covers can do. I would have to say these covers are well worth the money and can save you a bundle when it comes to cloth diapering your child.

Norwood, MO


Good fit and price. Good cover


I loved the Dappi diaper cover! They were a great fit and did their job very well. They are also a great price! Like another mama on here said if you use cheap prefolds any cover will leak, use a good quality, absorbent prefold or insert & this wont leak. If you use cheap prefold you are going to have to change often not because of the cover but because of the prefold.  I bought several different brand covers including the dappi cover for my sister when she had her baby so she could find a brand that worked best for her and her baby. She came back to me and said these were her favorite and ask were to buy them because she also liked them so much. The come clean very easy and don't hold stains or smells. I hang dry all my covers because no matter what the brand is any waterproof cover will last longer if you don't dry it in the drier or only occasionally in the drier. Overall these are Great, Great price, good fit. I will be using them for my next baby.

Fulton, MO


Dappi Diaper Covers are the best, great price too!!!!


I read the above review about dappi diaper covers...and had to write one of my own. I diapered both my daughters with these, and chinese pre fold diapers. I used dappi covers with 4x6x4 chinese unbleached pre folds. If you use cheap prefolds...any covers will leak. Use good prefolds that are large enough for your child and these covers are great, mine lasted thru 2 kids. Both were potty trained by day by age 2 (and in mediums by then) however my older daughter is 6 and still wets at night...not every night, but she is a heavy sleeper and doesn't wake up[...I resorted to pull ups for 2 years and then went back to using the dappi covers again bc I loved them so much... xl dappi covers and toddler 4x8x4 chinese prefolds. Buy the best prefolds...dont buy gerber or dappi...but as far as the covers go, these fitted my slim-to-regular daughters perfect, and the xl (toddler) size still fits my slim 6 year old today, night time use only,  never a leaking problem which I can't say for pull ups...so went back to cloth. To me, these are as good as if not better, than bummis, bumkins, nikki, prorap, all the more expensive, and just-as-good. (I tried them all). When they were babies, I bought some dappi white covers, and tie-dyed them, and got so many compliments on them!! Some covers like prorap are heavy plasticy and gave my girls rashes, they were so hot inside!!! but the dappis have cloth outside, light plasticy inside and  mesh and to me were way better. I took care of them...line dry them, dont put them in the dryer unless you absolutely have to, and then on cool. The pink dots is adorable too!! A great cover...you just have to use an absorbent enough diaper in it, and close the tabs when you wash them, if you don't, the velcro gets all linty and doesnt work...so just make sure to close the tabs. Definatly recommended.  

Linden, VA


You get what you pay for with Dappi diaper covers.


You certainly get what you pay for when you purchase Dappi diaper covers.  I bought four of these while still pregnant and new to cloth diapering.  I now wish I had saved my money and put it towards the Proraps, Bummis and Thirsties I later had to buy.  They are very inexpensive which is appealing in cloth diapering, but the quality is terrible.  I put them over fitted diapers and the entire cover would wick moisture.  I've had covers occasionally wick moisture at the leg gussets or around the top, but with these the entire cover would be wet.  The velcro tabs, while they do hold on pretty strong, aren't even sewn on.  I imagine even if I had continued to use them they wouldn't have lasted very long after several washings.  Bottom line, I would not recommend these covers to anyone else.  Save your money from a few of these and buy one really good cover that you can use a couple of times before washing, and that will actually hold up after being washed.

White House, TN


Dappi Diaper Cover

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