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Crest Pro-Health Enamel Shield Fresh Mint Toothpaste

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Good Stuff


I choose Crest Pro Health Sensitive + Enamel Shield because I have sensitive teeth. I trust the brand Crest so when I realized they make this product, I knew I had to give it a chance. When I first used it I felt a tingling in my sensitive spots, so I wasn't sure I was going to be able to continue using it. But, the longer I used it my sensitive spots got better, my teeth got whiter and the taste is fair. I so happy with this product my sensitivity in my teeth was really starting to bother me. I give Crest Pro Health Sensitive + Enamel Shield an A+. I would/will recommend it to everyone. I have started telling my friends and family about this product already. I even made a video review, which I published on my Wordpress blog. I am a satisfied customer and a long time user of Crest products. As usual this Crest Pro Health did not let me down. I enjoy my ice cream and coffee (for those of you that have sensitivity in the mouth), its a real good feeling.




A great toothpaste! Minty


The Crest Pro-Health Enamel Shield Fresh Mint Toothpaste is among my all time favorite brands of toothpaste. I love the pro-health products and when enamel shield came out had to try it. I really do like this toothpaste and is dentist recommended which reassures me.




Crest Pro-Health was disapointing!


The Crest Pro Health Enamel Shield toothpaste was rather disapointing! I have problems with enamel strength so I sought out this toothpaste. However, I quickly stopped using it! Its ingredients caused my lower lip to puff up and layers of skin peeled off from the inside after brushing! Its incredibly disgusting to have this kind of side-effect and without warning on the label of the toothpaste or packaging! The taste is also lacking; its hardly minty and clean tasting.. I'm not sure what taste it is in fact! It leaves the mouth almost foul and I have to rinse my mouth after brushing repeatedly or drink something heavy tasting. It does however, strengthen the enamel of the teeth a fair amount. I didn't feel much pain or tingling when I drank something hot or cold. The flip cap on this product is prone to breaking and difficulty in snapping closed. Overall, if your looking for a toothpaste to purely do a job on enamel, pick this one but beware of the possible side-effects!


Brooklyn, NY


Ok toothpaste.. Crest 3D White is better


I don't think this toothpaste did much to 'shield' my teeth as the product says. I prefer Crest 3D White toothpaste. It gives a cleaner feel to your teeth. Crest Pro Health Enamel Shield is ok. You can try to see if you like it.


Cambria Heights, NY


A great product


I saw my dental hygienist and she recommends Crest Pro Health toothpaste.  After a small sample I was hoping I'd get more.  Crest is among the few brands I can depend on for a good clean where other pastes still leave residue in your mouth.  I like that Pro Health has the gritty baking soda to help with the polishing of your teeth.  I think my teeth and gums have improved so my hygienist will be happy the next time they check up on me.  The taste is tolerable because it's not too spicy.




gives a clean brushing and does the job


As a user of this toothpaste, I can truely say it does the job it is intented to do. For one thing, it gives your mouth and breath a fresh clean taste and ends bad breath odor.  In helping the gums it gets them clean and aids in gum disease prevention.  The paste gets all the teeth clean and gets out food  debris that is caught very easily between all the teeth including the hard to reach ones in back on both sides.  When brushing the paste also does not sting if you have areas that  are sensitive.  


Jasper, IN


It works but...


I have moderately sensitive teeth. There are certain areas that are worse than others. I used this Crest Pro-Health Sensitive and Enamel Shield Toothpase for about a week & definitely noticed improvement, especially on one my most sensitive areas. However, I did not like the flavor at all. I barely tasted any mint and the texture was gritty. I also noticed that my gums started "peeling" after using it. The best way for me to describe it is that there were white, stringy things that were peeling from around my mouth and gums. I know it sounds weird but it's true. I really wanted to love this because of how well it worked but unfortunately the taste, texture and "peeling" prevent me from ever wanting to buy it again. Overall, Crest Pro-Health Sensitive and Enamel Shield definitely works very well for sensitive teeth which is the only reason I'm recommending it.


Garner, NC


Crest ProHealth--my favorite for years


After several years of buying cheapest toothpaste brand I could, I decided that my mouth was tired of paying the price. I had started to notice some pretty bad plaque build up on my teeth, and some major bleeding from my gums, and I was only 25 years old! I had visited a dentist maybe once a year (I know, not the best habit), but I still just couldn't understand why it was so bad. I decided to start using the Crest Pro Health line--sometimes for whitening (as the strips really seem to bother my sensitive teeth), sometimes for the enamel protection. I couldn't believe it--within about a month of starting to use it, the bleeding stopped and my sensitivity went way down. I've used this line ever since, and don't intent to do anything different. Even my dentist approves.


Missoula, MT


surprising that Crest came out with unsatisying product


I bought this toothpaste because: it has Crest's prestigious name, it was on sale, I had a coupon and we were running out of toothpaste at home. Normally I wouldn't have bought it because it's usually priced higher than other brands but, like I said, it was on sale and I had a coupon so it was within reach. I also thought it was going to be a really effective toothpaste since it bore Crest's name but I was pretty disappointed. Even my husband was disappointed in it. It didn't whiten our teeth as much as we thought it would (it didn't whiten at all, actually), there was barely any "lather" when we brushed, it left grit in our mouths after we rinsed and the taste after we rinsed was not as fresh as we thought it would be. I was quite surprised that Procter and Gamble was putting out something that claimed it would do so much and actually do so little. In fact, it claimed to fighten gingivitis and tartar, when it actually made my teeth a little more sensitive than normal (it didn't do that for my husband so it may be just me). I'm glad I only got the small bottle because I won't be buying it again.


Sherman Oaks, CA


Amazing toothpaste


toothpaste has so many brands and flavors to choose from how do you know you have a good one? when it works like Crest pro enamel shiel fresh mint toothpaste! my dentist told me i have poor enamel on my teeth and should baby what is left of it. So i began buying toothpaste that specialized in enamel shield and crest pro health enamel shield proved to be the best. Its flavor is phenomenal. Crest pro health enamel shield fresh mint toothpaste flavor isnt over powering like others ive used. It has just the right amount of minty flavor. It also has the perfect texture. Alot of toothpaste seems to be gritty or super jelly, this one is just the right mixture of both. I highly reccomend crest pro enamel shield for anyone who has enamel problems. its a tad bit pricey, but it strenghtens your teeth and keeps them clean. As well as a really cool flip top istead of that tiny screw on lid or small messy flip cap :)


Stevenson, WA


Crest Pro-Health Enamel Shield Fresh Mint Toothpaste

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