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Creative Memories photo center

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Creative Memories photo center prints date photo taken on back!


Have you spent hours searching websites for that photo of Johnny you need? I have the answer for you. Use Creative Memories photo center (www.cmphotocenter.com) as your "all-in-one" service center. You truly can do all you need in this one location. No more wondering "when was this photo taken?", "is this Johnny or Jimmy?", "is this Johnny's 5th birthday or 6th?", etc. Many photo centers print the date the photo was PRINTED on the back, but CREATIVE MEMORIES PHOTO CENTER prints the DATE THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN! Creative Memories MEMORY MANAGER software has a place for detailing the "story" of this photo/event, which will also be PRINTED on the back of your photo. What an amazing time and memory saver that one service is! They offer very competitive prices on their prints and gifts. Their warranty can't be matched. Free photo storage with ALL your photos on one web-site sorted into albums, etc. Create a StoryBook and SHARE it with as many or as few as you desire, but only by invitation. Your privacy is well protected.Bonus FREE GIFTS when opening an account at www.cmphotocenter.com20 FREE PRINTS (try it, you WILL like it)Free DOWNLOAD of StoryBook Creator softwareFree DOWNLOADABLE StoryBook templates, multiple themes, colors, styles.Go to www.cmphotocenter.com. Sign up for your FREE ACCOUNT using ID#28896562. Upload your photos for digital StoryBooking, gifts, printing, etc.You WILL be pleased.

Newport, NH


Makes photosharing easy!


As a former Creative Memories consultant, I signed up to use Creative Memories Photo Center to share my photos. The site design is basic, but makes it easy to share your pictures. If you're a digitial scrapbooker, you can also upload your CM StoryBooks and share them digitally with your friends and family! One negative feature is that other users do need to register and create an account before they can see the pictures. You can perform basic editting as well (if memory serves me correctly). It's completely free and uploading goes quickly. If you're a CM consultant, this is also a great tool to promote the photo processing aspect! The design of the site could be a little more appealing and fun, but the interface does the job. It also stores the email addresses so that you can simply select who you want to send the images to, type in a little message, and you're done! I would recommend this site as it's very easy to use.

Mesa, AZ


Creative Memories photo center

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