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Crate & Barrel Leaning Bookcase

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Cute and functional


As a functionalist who hates clutter and loves creativity, I had mixed feelings about this bookcase. When I saw this size of the box, I was a bit afraid of assembly but was pleasantly surprised with the relative simplicity. Towards the end, it does require 2 people, but I was able to complete most of it myself. My absolute favorite aspect is that the shelves are actually made of solid wood rather than plywood or particle board. Not only is this a sturdier construction, but it also ensure less offgassing from harmful chemicals. I was concerned that the side supports would be too weak to support the shelves, but they hold up well. The color of the wood is perfect for any decor from shabby chic to modern. If desired, you could paint or stain them, but I love their natural color. If you are using this bookcase for picture frames or tchotchkes, it's ideal with broad shelves that have immense aesthetic appeal. The asymmetrical appeal of a broader base is eye-catching for any room in your house. If, however, you plan to use it for holding books, it leaves something to be desired. There are no back supports to keep your books from falling off. If you place it against a wall, your books will be so far back that it will look awkward. By the same token, there are no side supports to hold the books unless you use bookends. As a word nerd family, I was hoping to use this to store books, but that is not practical for this cute shelf. The bottom shelves work great for larger baskets or kids' toys. I have also stored some of our educational goodies here for the kids to reach easily. One of the other aspects that I love is that it doesn't hide the wall behind it. This allows the room to still feel spacious without being dominated by a giant bookcase, which is the reason I got rid of my previous bookcase. Overall, this bookcase is both cute and functional, depending on your intended usage. I am planning to try it

Dallas, TX


Crate & Barrel Leaning Bookcase

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