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IKEA Markor Bookcase

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very nice


The IKEA Markor bookcase is a very library looking for case to me. I do a decent amount of reading and I wanted to store my books and magazines. I am subscribed to a lot of car magazines and I have a lot of magazines simply lying around the house. This hobby has over two years created a large mess and I finally decided to do something about it. The solution was this bookcase from IKEA. What I like about it is that it is very professor/library looking bookcase and has an air of sophistication to it. It not only carries all of my books and magazines but it does so with extra space. I have not decided what I will do with the top row which is completely blank at the moment but this is a good problem to have and I'm sure I will have something for it soon.


Oceanside, CA


IKEA Markor bookcase - good buy


My husband and I are huge IKEA fans. IKEA receives some bad reviews from customers because of their huge market base and their cheap furniture. But cheap furniture is just that, cheap. You have to be careful at IKEA because some of their products aren't worth the money. But some of them are great deals that can last years. When you keep this in mind, you can do very well at this store. Our small apartment has several key IKEA pieces we hope to keep for a while and we love them. This is one of their basic shelving units and can be mounted to the wall (a good idea, especially is you have one or more child in the house, as it can be a safety hazard). It's also made of solid wood, which helps ensure it will be around a while. The edging gives it more of a traditional feel, but it could be moderized with accessories and photographs. I would recommend this to someone looking for shelving won a budget.


Manassas, VA


IKEA Markor Bookcase

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