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Craftsman Electric Drill

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Quality drill


This drill has provided quality work for a wide variety of home projects, although the power cord was inconvenient when working on a new home construction. Durability I've used this drill a moderate amount for the last several years, and it still works as well as the day I first started. I have not had any issues with motor, gears burning out, or anything. Versatility Since it is a corded drill instead of cordless, it inherently loses a good deal of its versatility. For what it is, it does great, and if one doesn't mind always working near a power outlet or needing to deal with extension cords, then it can be fine. But if someone wants to do a wide variety of projects and wants the flexibility of moving around quickly and easily, then this is not the drill for them. Design The drill fits well in the hand, and the built-in levels are an added bonus to ensure that one is drilling straight, whether down into a floor, up into a ceiling, or ahead into a wall. Battery Charge My Craftsman electric drill is corded.



Craftsman Electric Drill

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