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Craftsman 94 pc. Easy-To-Read Mechanics Tool Set

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Great Initial Set for working on car - No deep sockets though


I received this as a Birthday present, and I honestly couldn't have been happier. Now, this would not be a set that you would want to buy for an actual mechanic, or somebody that works on cars a lot, as there are quite a few things that they would still need. For example, it comes with 2 socket types: metric and SAE. Both are sets have the size easily readable/displayed on each socket. They are craftsmen, so they are durable, and well made. The case is great to carry them in and keep them organized as each item has a specific location on the plastic case. In addition to each item having a specific location, there is a open 'rectangle' space in the back which allows you to add the much need tools like Deep Sockets and the Spark Plug Puller. I also have my Oil Filter wrench in there, as well as a couple types of pliers. With the items I have added, I use this set at least once a week either on the cars, or around the house. I don't have much use for any of the sockets besides the metric set any more though. The smaller socket wrench is great for things around the house. I am constantly using the larger one for the car, or heaver type of work around the house. There are no Pliers in this set, so I would suggest getting those on the side as well as the Spark Plug Puller, or a Deep Socket Set.



Craftsman 94 pc. Easy-To-Read Mechanics Tool Set

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